• When: 2019-04-17
  • QIC: Abner + Rec + Postal
  • The PAX: Lizards thicket, nick, pickaxe, Ranger, boo boo, drysdale, giggity, Mia, tater, Swanson, Magellan, booster, Escobar, bonzia, bulldog, frydaddy, whisper, soaker, thumbs up, overnight, Shorthaul, natureboy, dominion, dry socket, cowbell, koondog, buzzsaw, cheers, dunphy, Tupperware, genie, bar crawl.

Gauntlet Day The Flood backblast

Everyone is tired. We all feel it, Day 8 (or 9 if you reminded everyone about completing the murph)  brought some tired men the flood at ambush! The cold snap was still in affect and the brave men put their best efforts to task today and battled this heavy course!

Here’s how today went down!

welcome, disclaimer, reminder to hammer down at home, hammer down physically, and also to hammer down spiritually! Prayer

condtions. 49 and feeling great!

The thang:

Huge shout out to Abner the men of ambush for setting us up and giving us the rundown


Mosey to the sign at the entrance to the school.  See map for more details.

At every red box the exercises rotated between hand release merkins/LBC’s and squats/BBSU’s.  We ran from red box to red box and performed a burpee at each light pole we passed (highlighted with a yellow circle).  Once we completed the loop through the parking lot we bear crawled around the traffic circle (orange line) and then ran back to the sign to start lap 2.  We started with 11 of each exercise and increased by 1 each lap. (12, 13, etc.) The burpee count at each light pole increased by 1 each lap as well.

Today was tough but the end result is betterment and a great time! These men are studs!

Tomorrow we are aimed for the stand and look forward to testing ourselves against their AMRAP workout the sausage factory! DEERFIELD ELEMENTARY 0500 BC and 0420 SL

prayers; Swanson’s Dad

Ken doll and back pain, and speedy recovery

youth aat rangers church Sam

Dey Socket friend with a high risk pregnancy

shout out to Rec for the solid devo! Always a good reminder that Good Friday is coming and what that means for us!

Thansk to those that brought the back up toons in case Thumbs up was held up by Elvis.