• When: 2019-09-12
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Tailpipe, No Help, Strut, Rocking Chair (R), Shandy, Short Haul

Fuzzy Spheres at Crypt

YHC continued the trend of bringing brightly colored fuzzy spheres to play with at bootcamp to the PAX of Crypt this morning. Unlike other times this game has been played, there were only 5 intrepid PAX, plus YHC. This meant two things: First, I’d finally get a chance to play my own game, because normally I’m the odd man out. Which is fine, I’m here for you men. Second, only having 6 PAX meant that there’d be A LOT of sprinting… and there was.

#TCLAPs to every last PAX that showed up this morning. From the word go, it was a smokefest. YHC even Q’ed a few stretches at the end… there was no gas left in the tank… well, Rocking Chair was probably still good to go, the rest of us, not so much.

Conditions: 72 with a real feel of 80… ick.


The Thang —

Mosey around the drop-off loop back to the flag for “warm up:”

Merkins x50 IC
SSH x40 IC
MTC x30 IC
TTT x20 IC
OHC x10 IC
RTR x10 IC
LBAC(Rev) x10 IC


Count off in 1’s and 2’s to form two teams, award a 10-burpee ball to each team.

Extra Burpee Balls

Each team had a chance to earn one or both of the additional 2 burpee balls

For the first ball (5 burpees), both teams had to hold the Merkin position just short of touching the ground. The last man up for his team won the ball. YHC was out first, followed by a few more PAX, with No Help for Team 2, and Strut and Rocking Chair for Team 1. In a “strategic move”, No Help gave up the win to team 1.

For the second ball (7 burpees), we performed balls to the wall. Again, YHC was out first, with Shandy and No Help not far behind. Team 2 took the second of two extra burpee balls for a total of 3!

Now, we finally get to play…

Fuzzy Balls of Fury

2 sets of 9 cones with tennis balls on top are arranged down rang about 50 yards away from the start. Each ball has an exercise on it. Each team sends a PAX to fetch a ball, that PAX comes back and then the WHOLE team has to perform the prescribed exercise. The next PAX may then go and get the next ball, once the WHOLE team is done. The first team to clear all cones of balls and finish the reps is declared the winner. The Twist: Each team had the burpee balls that they earned earlier… they use those to sabotage the other team. When a PAX leaves to fetch the next ball, he can take a burpee ball and place it on the other team’s cones. At some point that team will need to remove that ball and complete the burpees.

Exercises done: Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Lunges, LBC’s, SSH’s, Lap around drop-off loop, Dry Docks, Imperial Walkers, Squats

This one was close, and I mean close. It all came down to YHC running back to his team with a 5-burpee ball as the other team was just starting on their 10-burpee ball. YHC, No Help, and Shandy were able to pull out a win by literally 2 or 3 burpees. Well played to BOTH teams!!

Clean Up “Game”:
Relay down the parking lot to pick up cones. Each team sends a PAX to grab a cone, then runs back and tags out with the next PAX. By this point Team 2 was down a man so it was 2 vs 3 PAX for this part. It was grueling. Work was done by all, and the legs were toasted!

After the sprints to clean up, we were all smoked. YHC lead a super-slowsey (read walk) back to the flag where we circled up for some mary and stretching:

LBC’s x20 IC
Flutter 10 / Cross 10, don’t let feet hit ground, 3 sets on my count

Standing Hamstring stretch 10sec x2
Quad Stretch 10sec x1 each leg

American Hammer x15 IC
Sitting Hamstring/calf stretch 10sec x1 each leg
Runner’s pose 10sec x1 each leg


– Christmas Party 12/14
– 9/11 Challenge @ Smokehouse; Rocking Chair is challenging the Crypt PAX — offering to sponsor a team! Pre-blast here
– 2nd Anniversary and 1st Annual 2nd F Crypt Pool Party @ RC’s house. DM him for details!

Prayer Requests:
– No Help’s cousin, Adam — dealing w/ cancer
– Marriages, specifically the PAX of F3 Lexington

Devo: Numbers 13:33
    33 There we saw the giants; and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”