• When: 2019-09-07
  • QIC: Timber
  • The PAX: Hope Solo, Crackhead, Sacajawea, Mayhem, Tweetsie, Stats, Tree Bark, Kiffin, Timber

5K F3 Style

Conditions:  72 degrees and Humid

Intro:  Thinking the crowd could be really thin because of our brothers running the Sprindale 5K, YHC was pleasantly surprised to see 9 men arrive in the gloom this Saturday .  We ran probably 2-3 miles ourselves during the 60 minutes.  Of course the running was only part of it as we performed hundreds of reps of various exercises including block work and running lamp posts in the streets of downtown Camden.  YHC did not have a theme for this workout other than working hard to get better but it felt like a 5K F3 style.

Disclaimer:          Given


SSH                                        IC            X             25

Windmill                              IC            X             20

Imperial Walker                                IC            X             25

LBAC’s                                  IC            X             15

LBAC’s (reverse)              IC            X             15

Overhead Clap                  IC            X             15

TTTunnel                             IC            x              20

-½ Lap around park with 6 Burpees at 3 stops.

The Thang:          1.3K Loop around town with stops for exercises at every black lamp post.

1st (5 Post Set)   10 merkins each post/Sprint to next post

2nd (5 Post Set)  10 Mt. Climbers each post/Bear Crawl to next post

3rd (5 Post Set)  10 American hammer each post/High Knees to next post

-6 burpees at intersection of Lyttleton & Laurens Streets

4th (5 Post Set)   10 Squats each post/Sprint to next post

-6 Burpees at intersection of Fair and Laurens Streets

5th (5 Post Set)   10 BBSU’s each post/Crab Walk to next post

6th  (5 Post Set) 10 Diamond Merkins/Karaoke to next post

7th (5 Post Set)   10 Prisoner Squats/mosey to park

Block work at Tennis Courts

Partner up with one Block.  Partner A runs lap while Partner B performs stated exercise AMRAP.  When partner A completes his lap around the tennis court it’s his turn the AMRAP the exercise while partner B takes take a lap.

Exercises for AMRAP with block


-Overhead Press


-Plank(partner does lap with block)

-Kettle Bells

-Bent over Rows

-Derkins(Feet on block)

-Dips(on block)

Pullups at Playground

We lined up near the swings and performed flutter kicks, heels to heaven and Freddie Mercury’s while one pax does 5 pullups, returns, and the next pax does pullups down the line.  (Stats performed 10 flawless pullups to end this round of pain)

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Announcements:  Prayer request for Cornwallis and the Long family as his mother is on hospice.


Moleskin:            It was an honor to lead this fine group of men with great work from everyone as always.