• When: 02/14/15
  • QIC: Lego
  • The PAX: Gravedigger, Bearded Lady, Genie, Hash & Rice, Bed Pan, Notebook, Slumlord, and Lego

Frozen Tires Are a Lot Heavier than Normal

Eight Pax got out of the fartsack and said, “29 degrees and an F3 workout, No problem, bring it.” What we did not realize is that rubber tires become exponentially heavier when the temperature drops below 32 degrees.  Also this being Saturday and thus a 1 hour workout instead of the usual 45 minutes came as a surprise to our Q.  Kudos to Gravedigger for explaining what a watch is and helping him to tell time.  The last 15 minutes were all ad-lib, but there was plenty of mumblechatter so it must have been all good.

Weather: A Balmy 29 Degrees and Sunny

Prayer and no disclaimer – there were no FNG’s and if the rest of us have not figured out yet that we aren’t professionals well, there is no hope.

The Thang:

Count off by 2’s.

Mosey over to tires – Bear Crawl over the bridge (thanks Treadmill for the idea)

Each team 20 OYO Caterpillar Merkins – #2 man puts feet on Man #1 shoulders, #3 man puts feet on Man #2 shoulders, etc


20 Caterpillar Merkins

Each team grabs a tire and lines up on sideline – first man flips tire to other end, rest of team performs jump, jump, burpees till you get to sidelines. merkins until tire shows up.

New man on tire – rest of team performs Prisoner Lunges to sidelines – Flutter kicks till tire shows up.

Rinse and Repeat until everyone has a chance at the tire (Note above reference to the very heavy cold tires)

Mosey to Center of Field.  Each team sprints to corner of field, performs 20 reps of given exercise, and sprints back.

Merkins,Smurf Jacks, Heel Touches (bear crawl instead of sprint), Carolina Dry Docks, Squats, Russian Twists.

Mosey back to shed with bear crawl over bridge.

1 min People’s Chair

In decline Merkin position “walk” around three picnic tables

1 min Peoples chair

Something About Mary (25 reps of each) Dealer’s Choice

LBC, Flutter kicks, Iron Crosses, Dying Cockroach, Boat Canoe

Step Ups (20 reps ea leg)

Decline Merkins (20 OYO)

Dips (20 OYO) special request from Hash and Rice


Lexington Race Against Hunger 2/28/15

USMC Mud Run 4/11/15

Father Daughter Dance at LEX HS 2/21/15 Lots of fun for any fathers with Daughters…See Lex Public library for tickets

Lego’s wife had a stent put in for her kidney stones and will be miserable for next two weeks.

Valentine’s Day – make sure you show your loved ones how much you Love them!!!!!!!



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