• When: 2/14/2015
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX: GraveDigger, Boo, PBR, Higgins, Wapner, Finkle, Candy Stripe, Quest

Special V-Day 99 Workout

YHC saw some other F3 regions had completed a 99 workout and he was interested. If you have seen the 99 workout it will look familiar but I had to modify some as I couldn’t keep everyone’s time. So I mixed it up a little and included exercises without time, just things you can do OYO. Also 5 PAX took off for an early start to get a couple miles in before real fun started

Disclaimer and Prayer
Mosey to the lower soccer field

The “Custom by Quest” 99 Workout

Set 1
99 Crunches
9 Burpies
99 High Knees
9 Merkins
9x9x9 Calve Raises

Set 2
88 Crunches
8 Burpies
88 High Knees
8 Merkins
8x8x8 Calve Raises

Set 3
77 Crunches
7 Burpies
77 High Knees
7 Merkins
7x7x7 Calve Raises

Set 4
66 Squats
6 Burpies
66 Arm Circles
6 Merkins
6x6x6 Calve Raises

Set 5
55 Squats
5 Burpies
5 Arm Circles
5 Merkins
5x5x5 Calve Raises

Set 6
44 Squats
4 Burpies
44 Arm Circles
4 Merkins
4x4x4 Calve Raises

Set 7
33 SSH
3 Burpies
33 Lunges
3 Merkins
3x3x3 Calve Raise

Set 8
22 SSH
2 Burpies
22 Lunges
2 Merkins
2x2x2 Calve Raise

Set 9
11 Bridges
1 Track Lap
11 Lunges
1 Track Lap
11 Calve Raises

A couple of us ran an extra lap until all were complete

Line up arm length apart length wise on the filed
Everyone get down and plank, first person in line jumps over the next (bunny hop, jump, run, however you get there) and plank at the end, continue down the 100 yard field

Mosey over to the Block pile
20 Curls for Girls
20 Front Raises
20 overhead Tri Extensions

Repeat for 3 total sets

3 Minutes of Imperial Walkers

Count off and Name-o-rama

Grave Digger had to visit to see what was in store at Turning Point this week, then didn’t get enough so he wanted to see what Shawshank had going on. This guy a Beast.

– Race Against Hunger @ Sax Gotha (5K or 10K) – February 28th
– Mud Run registration has begun – April 11th is Go Time.
– Quarry Crusher Run – April 18th (6K or 10K)
– Goruck Custom Light – May 1st

Prayer Requests
Continued Prayers for Walker and Family

0 thoughts on “Special V-Day 99 Workout”

  1. Absolute smokefest! As expected, the man did not disappoint. Will definitely bring this one to #Shawshank soon. Unless of course YOU want to unleash this madness on the pax yourself. See you gents for the #Kamikaze!

  2. Quest is a BEAST no doubt! Maybe I’ll consider myself lucky that family duties called. Hate I missed this one…or am I? Be back Tuesday.

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