• When: 2018-11-20
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: Paddles, Strut, Rocking Chair (respect), No Help, Wingback, Red Eye, Thumbs Up, Punch List, Ball Boy, Buttermaker, Dr. Quinn, Juice

Forty’s with the Crypt

This was the first time for me out to Crypt.  I arrived a few minutes before 2nd Wind to scope out and confirm my plan.  Thumbs Up rolled up pretty soon and lead five of us in a Devo about what Thanksgiving should mean.  That all blessings are from God and to Him we owe endless thanks and gratitude.  Thanks Thumbs Up for the message.  As 2nd Wind wound up the rest of the pax rolled in.  Some of them on two wheels.  I’m not naming any names but there really is no help for that guy.
We got started right on time and YHC tried to keep these guys moving.  Thanks for the mumblechatter this AM men.  I enjoyed it.  Here’s what went down:

Conditions:  50 something.  Perfect BC weather.
1 minute warning

SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Burpees x 10 IC  This was a crowd pleaser and really told YHC that counting could be an issue at this AO.

Mosey to the concrete pad area to the right of the loop in front of the school. I have no idea what the school uses for but this AM it was where it the #DRP was delivered.

The Thang:  

Line up on the long edge of the pad closes to the school.
High knees across and back
Butt Kicks across and back
Karoake across and back

Line up along the  same edge.  Go across and do 30 reps of 1st exercise then come  back do 10 reps of 2nd exercise.  R&R subtracting 5 reps from the 1st and adding 5 reps to the 2nd, until you complete 10 reps of 1st and 30 reps of 2nd.  Each lap always equals 40. You end up with 100 reps of each exercise.
Round 1- Merkins and Squats
Round 2- Dips on the curb and LBC’s
Round 3- Incline Merkins and Gas Pumps

Line up along edge for a little cardio:
High knees across, 5 burpees, high knees back.
Butt kicks across, 10 Monkey jumpers, butt kicks back.
Karoake across, 10 MJ’s, karoake back.
Shuffle across, 10 MJ’s, Shuffle back.
Crawl bear across, 10 MJ’s, Crawl bear back.
Lunge across, 10 MJ’s, Lunge back.

Mosey to grass island for Mary.  All IC and x15 reps
American Hammer
Flutter Kicks
Freddie Mercury
Hello Dolly


Thumbs Up annouced that his Church, Zion Lutheran, is partnering with Meals on Wheels to make 1000 dinner plates on Thursday morning.  They need help Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.  Contact him for details.

12-1 is the Wildcat CSAUP organizes by Escobar
Sign up here: The Wildcat

12-14 Christmas Party

2-16 Dam to Dam Relay.  All money raised goes to Mission Lexington.  sign up today:  damtodamrelay.com

Devo: Patience- A Powerful Attribute  From Charles Stanley’s InTouch App Daily Devotion

Patience, or a lack of it, spills over into every aspect of our life. For example, when you’re waiting for an elevator that doesn’t come quickly, do you repeatedly push the button? Or if you’re stuck in a grocery line that’s not moving, do you wait calmly or inwardly grumble about how poorly managed the store is?

Although to some degree our temperaments may determine our ability to wait, the kind of patience God wants Christians to have is that which is produced by the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). Apart from Him, we will naturally become impatient when people frustrate us or circumstances aren’t to our liking.

The spiritual fruit of patience allows us to say, I’m willing to let go of immediate gratification and wait for the Lord to supply. It’s an inner quietness and trust that comes from God alone. This doesn’t mean we’ll never feel pressure or stress, but when we release our expectations to the Lord, He will calm our heart and mind.

David understood this. While waiting to become king, he had several opportunities to kill Saul, the nation’s current ruler. By refusing to take advantage of the situation, David demonstrated patience and faith in God’s timing (1 Samuel 24:10-11; 1 Samuel 26:10-11).

Patience is a matter of trust in God. Are you willing to release your expectations for both the small and large events in your life? Can you acknowledge that the Lord’s timing is more trustworthy than your own? If so, you’re on your way to being a truly patient person.