• When: 8-9-2018
  • QIC: Flipper
  • The PAX: Wee Wee, Drywdale, Belding, Lt. Dan, Nub, Abner, Saucy (R), Dominion, Escobar, NailPop, Zacchaeus, Scuba Steve, 2 Star, B&E, Rainman, Buttdial, Slumlord (R), Goodbye Kitty, Keychain, UpCharge, Rec, Rosie, Flipper, Gomer (FNG)

Flipper’s VQ

Posted by Wee Wee on Flipper’s behalf.

24 Surge PAX do some brick laying, VQ style!

I can’t think of a better group of #HIM to complete my VQ with. These men are dedicated and continue to impress me!  We did some brick work this morning and only had 2 bricks left in stock.  Good work men!

Conditions: 74 degrees and HUMID

The Thang:

1 minute warning



Mosey to the loading dock

LBAC (forward and backwards) X 15 IC

Toy Soldier X 15 IC


Mosey to brick pile and grab 2 per man

Mosey to basketball court

11s w/tricep extensions and squat jumps.

Keeping bricks at all times, start with 1 TE, lunge to cones, 10 SQJU, bear crawl back to line, & so on.

Mosey to Walking track

20 Incline Merkins on the bricks OYO

Mosey to right side car loop

BBS with bricks OYO X 15

Mosey to left side car loop

LBAC with bricks forward X 15 IC

Mosey to bus loop

LBAC with bricks backward X 15 IC

Mosey to Picnic Tables in back

Box Jumps X 10 OYO, Donkey Kicks X 10 OYO

Step ups X 10 each leg OYO, Donkey Kicks X 10 OYO

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey back to brick pile

Circle up at loading dock

Flipper called flutter kicks X 20 IC

Belding called BBS X 15 OYO

Nub Called Boat Canoe on his call

Abner called Box cutters X 20 IC

Escobar called Burpees X 10 OYO

Rec called Squats x 20 OYO

Upcharge called Merkins X 16 on his call

Wee Wee called Iron Crosses X 15 OYO

Mosey to shovel flag


Naming the FNG – Chris Hyman – National Guard (30 years service) – Director of Operations and Training – GOMER (as in Gomer Pyle).


– The PAX at Surge are hardworking men that will do whatever is asked of them. There is very little mumblechatter and they go hard all the time

VQ Juice is awesome

– FNG Gomer is a beast.  His only hobby is PT

– T-Claps to Rec, Wee Wee, and Escobar for Stridelite


– 2nd F at Krafty Drafty @ 7:30 on 8/16

– 8/25 Stomp the swamp. Register : https://www.runhard.org/pages/race-swamp.php-9/7

– We are helping sponsor pre game meal for Lexington High Football. Wee Wee will be taking up donations.

– 9/22 Smokehouse is sponsoring a Tribute Obstacle course race to honor 9/11. Event will be 9/22 at the Smokehouse.  More info can be found on twitter.

Prayer Announcements:

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