• When: 06-16-18
  • QIC: Chum
  • The PAX: Bionic - r, POTUS-r, Grease Monkey - r, Dirty Bird - r, Breaker Breaker - r, Quest, FNG Mike Jacobbe nka Grumpy, Strom - r, Chum - r

Facing the giants before Father’s Day

Weather – 71 and perfectly clear

1 minute warning

Welcome and disclaimer – listen to your body…we are here to get better not get hurt.



SSH x 16, IC

TTT x 16, IC

IW x 16, IC

Merkns x 16, OMC

The Thang:

Mosey to the toy box. Grab a block or 2 Boneyard bricks – your choice.

Cusak the block 100 yards.  Still cusakng, wait for the 6.  Then Curls for the Girls x 16, IC.

Cusak the block 100 yards.  Still cusakng, wait for the 6.  Then LBC feet facing uphill x 16, IC.

Cusak the block 100 yards.  Still cusakng, wait for the 6.  Then Hello Dollies x 16, IC.

Freestyle carry the block to the stadium. Prior to the WO Strom muttered something about stadium steps – Little did he know he was in for a treat.

At the home side of the field, on your 6 and chest press x 16, ic.

Mosey up the steps to the mezzanine level.  Hold your block until the 6 arrives.  Iron Cross x 16, IC.

All the way around the stadium we went down one set of steps, crossed to the next section and then back up to the mezzanine level, each time holding the block and waiting for the 6.  Exercises at the top of each section were 16 IC and included: American Hammers, Freddie Mercury’s, Block Presses, Monkey Humpers, Squats with the Blocks, LBAC f/r, and others YHC can’t remember.

One other sidebar…when we crossed the field from the home side to the away side, we stopped at the locker room portal.  The pax were reminded that tomorrow is Father’s Day and sometimes we, as dads, have to face some giants.  Being somewhat true to the movie of the same name, we bear crawled 100 yards from goal line to goal line.  A real crowd pleaser. Back walk back to get our toys.

Running low on time (the only running at Boneyard), we headed back to put our toys in the toy box.

Mosey back to the shovel flag.  Technically we were out of time but YHC made an audible and called for 5 burpees.

FNG naming: Mike Jacobbe, quiet guy from Boston, not a Yankee fan but a Red Sox fan, married, 1 child, nurse anesthetist, we now know more about him than most people do…Bambino…BC for Bambino Curse…Sleepy…Grumpy…Snow White…Bean.  Grumpy was mentioned most so Grumpy it is. Welcome Grumpy!

Prayer and praise items:

The family of Virgil Harrison who passed away this week.

Bionic’s daughter

Jaws, his son and daughter

POTUS traveling mercies

Praise for POTUS’ recovery from his bout Tuesday.  He expressed sincere gratitude for us helping him.

Praise for Chum’s daughter.  She got the job for which she was interviewing Thursday.  Now time to find an apartment for her and get her moved.

COT – concluded with the Lord’s Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance


30 June: After boot camp at Shawshank, plan to workout with the Veterans at the Veteran’s Homeless Shelter next to Shawshank for about 30 minutes
14 July: Carolina Reaper
4 August: Sweet Baby O 5K, F3/FIA discount available (register through www.RunHard.com)
25 August: Stomp the Swamp 5K; rucking division open this year

DEVO: Jeremiah 32:17  ““Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”

We, as men, like to think we are strong and can handle anything. The truth is we are anything but strong and need God’s strength and wisdom to get through life. Rely on His strength, not your own.

Happy Father’s Day!!