• When: 2018-06-16
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: FNG Ryan Rutland (Skid Steer) - Welcome, Grave Digger, Mulligan, Muggy Tape, Argyle, Cheers, Dunphy, Overage, Man Bun, Stalker

Heart-rate AMRAP visits the Hollow

A while back, YHC came across an #AMRAP that is designed to get the heart rate up and keep it there. This is exactly the kind of stupidity that the men of The Hollow embrace. 11 of Lexington’s finest (including YHC’s oldest 2.0) defeated the fart sack for some Saturday morning shenanigans. Here’s how it happened…


Conditions: 74 with 65% humidity


No COP today.

Grab block and head straight to the soccer field.

Spread out across the goal line..

This is a true AMRAP – You vs. You

Start with 100 shin huggers

Next, 100 Jump Rope Swings

Sprint to opposite end of field and back

10 squat thrusts with block

10 mountain climber merkins

Rinse and repeat until time is called.



F3/FiA/2.0 Convergenge – TODAY

June 20th – Runvergence to honor Cheech at Stride. All AO’s except Stride are closed. Meet at 5:00am with Red Sleeveless shirts on. Ruck Friendly as well.

June 23rd – 2nd F opportunity from 4-8pm at Vintners Wood neighborhood pool.

June 30th – Opportunity to work out with Homeless Veterans following Shawshank boot camp.

Carolina Reaper – July 14th

Sweet Baby O 5K – August 4th

Stomp the Swamp – August 25th

Prayer Requests: 


Cheers – co-worker (Johnathon Keen) losing his battle to Cancer

Muggy Tape  – Friend Jason Rawls, military vet dealing with some mental and physical issues

Skid Steer – Friend, Morgan at school dealing with parents divorce and bitter custody battle between

Cheers – Family of young man who just graduated from Gilbert that died in a car wreck

Man Bun – daughter dealing with back injury


It was a true honor to bring my oldest son out to an F3 workout that was not a kids day. He is quickly becoming a man, and I wanted him to see why F3 is such a huge part of my life. You men welcomed him, pushed him and encouraged him. YHC is thankful to each one of you. He felt like he got his teeth kicked in afterward, but has not stopped talking about this experience and the guys he had fun with. Thanks again for being HIM’s.