• When: 2020-02-16
  • QIC: Socrates
  • The PAX: Netflix, Weekend Special, Little Giants, Double Fault, Tater, Wapner, and YHC

F3Tread spends the morning building pyramids

Conditions: 35 degrees, 91% humidity, Winds W1

7 PAX gather in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby for a little Sunday F3Tread action.  2 ran and 5 rucked for 30 minutes in and around the general area.  Prior to that, 1 ran and 1 rucked for some XL action.

Hereinbelow is something of a summary of what transpired during the kettlebell portion of the workout.

Note that disclaimer and opening prayer were offered prior to the above mentioned running and rucking activity, but after the XL portion….before the regular part.

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As is customary, a BB from YHC always includes a little music to listen as you read.  Today YHC goes way back to an early influence, here is the dramatic closing musical number from the timeless opera, What’s Opera Doc: (pay close attention, classic!!)

We all return safely from our cardio activity and circle up for:


  • 10 SSHs (IC)
  • 10 TTT’s (IC)
  • 10 Windmills (IC)

The Main Thang:


Image result for pyramids minions

Reps begin at 20/5 then ladder by 5s to the inverse, 5/20.

Close out the circuit with Around the Worlds while waiting on the 6.

  1. Curls / Tricep extension
  2. Dead Lift / KB Squat
  3. KB swings / Shoulder press
  4. (on your 6) Chest press / Pull overs

Close out with Gumby, Jr. under the direction of Tater, including some kind of voodoo squatting magic.

Rally for COT and BOM. Closing prayer.

Naked Moleskin: Great effort this morning.  Thanks to Tater for the tunes which consisted of a mix of old and newer AC/DC (which happens to be YHC’s all time favorite band).

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Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • Prayers for John Burbage (Dear Diary)
  • Those battling cancer


  • F3 (2nd and 3rd Fs) Lunches are a-plenty. Check Twitter and the website for details.  In fact, there is a whole lot going on, so check the website and Twitter often for updates. Another good place to look for updates/info is in the announcements of the posted Back Blasts.
  • Lexington-wide convergence on February 29th to celebrate 6 years of F3Lex will be held at River Bluff

Time for Devo:

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Enough of that!

Now for the Devotional (which I forgot) from Our Daily Bread – and could strike a tone if you are a Methodist

Divided in Love

Today’s Scripture & Insight:

Ephesians 4:2–6

When public debate erupted over a controversial Singapore law, it divided believers with differing views. Some called others “narrow-minded” or accused them of compromising their faith.

Controversies can cause sharp divisions among God’s family, bringing much hurt and discouraging people. I’ve been made to feel small over personal convictions on how I apply the Bible’s teachings to my life. And I’m sure I’ve been equally guilty of criticizing others I disagree with.

I wonder if the problem lies not in what or even in how we express our views, but in the attitudes of our hearts when we do so. Are we just disagreeing with views or seeking to tear down the people behind them?

Yet there are times when we need to address false teaching or explain our stand. Ephesians 4:2–6 reminds us to do so with humility, gentleness, patience, and love. And, above all else, to make every effort “to keep the unity of the Spirit” (v. 3).

Some controversies will remain unresolved. God’s Word, however, reminds us that our goal should always be to build up people’s faith, not tear them down (v. 29). Are we putting others down to win an argument? Or are we allowing God to help us understand His truths in His time and His way, remembering that we share one faith in one Lord? (vv. 4–6).

By: Leslie Koh

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