• When: 2019-07-02
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Strut, Shandi, Hanging Chad, Tail Pipe, Breakfast Club, Milli Vanilli, Ringo, Thumbs Up (Respect), Rocking Chair (Respect, Respect), No Help

#EMOM #LegDay w/ a timely Water Break

Weather: 75° and 1000% humidity

The Thang:

Intro, disclaimer, prayer

Mosey to the top of Cemetery Hill for COP

SSH x 10 IC
TTT x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC f
OH Claps x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC r

Run down to the first light to start EMOM (every minute on the minute).  Each EMOM set, we run up or down the hill and with the remaining time complete the designated exercises.  One minute to get up/down the hill and complete the exercises.  At the start of the next minute, we take off again.

Round 1:
Run up to the top, Squats x 10, run back down to the light, squats x 10, run back up, squats x 10, run back down, squats x 10, run back up, squats x 10.

Round 2:
Same as round 1, except add in Calf Raises x 10

Round 3:
Same as round 2, except add Lunges x 5

Round 4:
Drop the lunges

And then we broke off the standard up and down because some pax were trying to get  a head start up the hill to cheat the EMOM system.  Q was having none of that, so we ran random ways and distances the rest of the time, which included some lengthy runs with just enough time to get the exercises in and no break.

Round 5:
Drop the calf raises, and at some point during this round the pax were thirsty so we made a trip to the water fountains and hydrated some.

Back to the bottom of Cemetery Hill, run up and stop at each light and complete Strict Squats x 10.

Mosey back to the flag for some Mary

LBCs x 20 IC
Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
BBSU x 20 IC (three count up, one count down)
Hello Dollies x 20 IC
Plank x 60 seconds



Normal start time for July 4th posting at Crypt

Ryan Rawl July 4th event downtown

Crypt gathering on 7/14

Stomp the Swamp next month


Christmas party

Prayer Requests

Continued prayers for Baconator as he recovers

Prayers for TW

Prayers for Shandi’s dad

Continued prayers for Blindside and his family


Devo given by Thumbs Up