• When: 2020-08-11
  • QIC: Emmy
  • The PAX: TriDelta,Farmer, Hoboken, Steamer, Emmy(Q), Katniss (R), Deadstick (Rx2), Oboe, PETA, Brainiac, Ebert, Kendoll, Dunphy, Ranger (R), Alterboy, Double Fault(R), Foppydisk, Julep, ShakeNBake, Bunkbed, Socrates(R)

Emmy 4 yr anniversary Q

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Conditions 75 degrees F, muggy 

Shovel flag planted 

1 minute warning 


Emmy reflects on 4 years with F3 and thankful to be a part of this great group of Pax.


Prayer COT 

Mosey to practice field for warm up

Various warm up exercises to work the whole body

Mosey to block pile ,glad we got extra blocks from The Stand because with extra pax from F3midlandstour we needed them.

Partner up on sideline 

Partner 1 sprints across to other sideline does 2 burpees then sprints back.

Partner 2 does prescribed exercise and switches to sprint and burpees when partner returns. 

Switch back and forth until al reps complete 


50 OH press

75 Flutter kicks 2ct

100 tricep extensions 

125 American hammers 2ct

150 chest press 

175 BBSU

200 curls for the girls

225 LBCs

250 squats

Put blocks back , all you got up the big boy stairs to flag.

Count o rama and name o rama 


Congratulations Emmy on 4 years with F3 

T Price ,Kendoll, running for school board

Iron pax challenge upcoming week 0 starts 8/23 then 4 weeks of suck

9/11 challenge at Smokehouse 9/26(?)


Tinkles mom in hospital 

Katniss’s mom broken pelvis 

ShankNBake bone marrow for “James”

Schools,students, teachers 

Unspoken throughout F3 nation 

I have learned that Emmy is now Twitter less I am posting on his behalf. I know he is very appreciative of all you men showing up this morning. We need to show up for each other even if we don’t feel like doing the work out do the best you can and just be there some men physically can’t do the work out but still show up.  I want to encourage each one of you, even if you’re feeling bad and down , to show up and just be there for each other in whatever capacity you can. Some of us are going through physical, mental, and or emotional battles. Self Doubt and lack of motivation start to creep in. Don’t let that stop you from posting show up because each of the three F’s is important and you may have something to contribute without even realizing it. I love each one of you man like a brother. Encourage one another. Build each other up. And honor one another.




Be disciplined in whatever you do.

“To get that six-pack stomach (not me), we discipline ourselves to eat right and suffer a thirty-minute core workout at the gym.  Why? We hope to look like the dude on the cover of Men’s Health.” Read more link below…

Your brother, 



August 11, 2020

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