• When: 
  • QIC: Thumbs Up
  • The PAX: Seacrest, Daisy, Intern, Boo Boo, Hostel, Tweety, Bucket Head, All 9s, Stinkbait, Candystripe, Sweet Tart, Blades, Blah Blah, Moolah, Tardy, FNG's Penny Stock, Ricola, Mr. Ed and soon to be renamed "My Pleasure" (duplicate name)

Return of Ultimate to Detention (20 Strong/4 FNG’s)

As a last minute add to the Saturday Q Sheet YHC called an audible and gathered some F3 faithful hoping for a small showing.  And low and behold, we had 20 pax with 4 FNG’s for a somewhat lopsided game.  Somehow it turned into the Old Men versus the Children. Not sure of the score, but I am pretty sure the Kids won.

Fun was had by all, no one got hurt, and work was done.

YHC was glad to be back at Detention.

Welcome FNGs – Penny Stock, Mr. Ed, Ricola and the soon to be renamed My Pleasure (we already have one)

Merry Christmas to ALL my F3 Brothers!  Your are ALL the best gift a dude could get!

Humbly submitted