• When: 2019-03-26
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: Banjo, Rumble Strip, Pennyworth, Knozit(R)

Detention Enjoys a Punishing Take-Down-Tuesday from Knozit

Conditions:  Nice 55 degrees

YHC always loves coming to serve up a little betterment to the men of Detention.  Great to see all (4) Pax out for StrideLite getting better.  And as always the men of Detention rose to the occasion!


COP:  Parking lot by SF

SSH – IC  50x

Mosey to outdoor basketball courts – Line up on end line

YHC calls out exercise:  All Pax sprint to far end of court and do 10x Reps…. Sprint back to start and do another 10x Reps… Sprint Backwards to far side again and do 10x Reps… then sprint backwards back to original start line and do 10x reps.  40x Total reps with 4 sprints for each exercise.  Plank when finished

The Catch:  If YHC wins the sprint… the reps are doubled!

Merkins – 40x – 4 Sprints

BBSU – 40x – 4 Sprints

Squats – 40x – 4 Sprints

Carolina Dry Docks – 40x – 4 Sprints

Burpees – 40x – 4 Sprints

LBC – 40x – 4 Sprints

Hand Release Merkins – 40x – 4 Sprints

Monkey Humpers – 40x – 4 Sprints

Lunges – 40x – 4 Sprints

Plank Jacks – 40x – 4 Sprints

Flutter Kicks – 50x – 4 Sprints  (YHC won the sprint – 10x extra reps)

Jump Squats – 40x – 4 Sprints

Burpees – 20x – 2 Sprints

50 Total Sprints x 500+ Total Reps

Mosey back to SF


Announcements:  3/27 Wed. is Mental Battle Day – Depression Awareness

Gauntlet is coming week of 4/8

Prayer Request:  Rumble Strip’s Back, Brainiac’s knee; Bar Crawl’s shoulder; BlindSide’s daughter & family