• When: 01/07/14
  • QIC: Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Peachy, Blue screen, Hoser, Take a Number, Mac, Penny Pincher, Quisenberry, FDIC, Pavoratti, Pepto, Nail pop, Candy Stripe, Clinch, Yellow Cake

“Dangling appendages are the most prone to fall off in the cold…” Dr. Pepto

So, the headline has nothing to do with running,,, but it was funny,.  Explained below:

In the COT, YHC reminded the pax that if you are posting tomorrow to bundle up… cuz it’s gonna be COLD!  Pepto chimed in also to remind folks that dangling appendages are the first to freeze in cold conditions.  Clinch then chimed in and said that rolled up socks will keep any dangling appendage warm.  F3 is free workouts and free entertainment!

14 pax joined together in a period of solidarity to stomp the pavement and keep warm.  4 came early for extra mileage.  The result?  stronger and leaner…


32° and 80% RH (breeze in your face on the way back)

The Thang:

Route, Safety, Prayer

Head north up Lake and veer right onto Sunset out 20 minutes and back 20 minutes.


DEVO by Quisenberry:  How is your devotion to God? Psalm 119:38


I am glad to say that no one lost any appendages in this run.  We shall see tomorrow when temps are expected to dip to about 17° with single digit windchills.  This, my friends, is Chicago weather and brings back warm … err.. cold memories.

We had several newcomers to the midweek stride run and YHC was very appreciative of the enthusiasm by this new group of runners… (Yes, I called you a runner!) YHC hopes to see them back to improve.


  • Go Run 5K 2/7/15
  • Make My Day trail run 5K/12K 2/14/15
  • Lexington Race Against Hunger 5K/10K 2/28/15
  • Spartan Race in November. After this Sunday, fees go up.
  • 2/17 F3 Lexington traveling to Summerville
  • 1/10 N. Augusta

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