• When: 2018-08-25
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Brick, Rhonda, Misfire, Strut, Rocking Chair(R), Kenwood, Milli Vanilli, Man Bun, Eve, Dunphy, Cowbell, Wino, Spring Break, Escobar, Hemingway, Ponzi

Cryptonite/Battle Convergence

YHC, along with my fellow AOQs Milli Vanilli and Hemingway, were excited to see our brothers from across the river and post for a Stomp the Swamp convergence. The Battle boys are a tough group of Pax, and so YHC knew we had to bring it. You cannot come to Cryptonite and not visit Reaper Hill, and we decided to pay homage to the ongoing Iron Pax challenge with a little block medley from the first three weeks. YHC sold this as something for everyone so I hope all the Pax felt the trip was worthwhile.

Weather: high-60s and beautiful. Football is in the air

We started about 5 minutes late waiting for an unnamed Coumbia Pax. Cesspool will not be identified at this time.

The Thang: Circle the parking lot waiting for the unnamed Pax, then mosey on around by the stadium to Reaper Hill.

This was a timed evolution. 20 burpees, run backwards up the hill, 25 burpees, run backwards to the top of the hill, 30 burpees, run backwards to the middle of the hill, 35 burpees. Recover and mosey to the upper field.

This was pulled from the first 3 weeks of the Iron Pax challenge. AMRAP until time is called. Get a block and head to the near side of the field. All exercises are 20 reps.

Near side:
Lateral burpees over the block
Curls for the Girls
Man Makers
Merkins with a block drag
Big Boy Sit-ups (no block)
Bear crawl to the far side with you block (approximately 100 yards)

Far side:
Lateral Burpees over the block
Shoulder to Shoulder Squats
Walking Lunges with block overhead
Hand Relase merkins to superman
Block Swings
4ct Flutter Kicks with block overhead
Crawl bear with block back to near side

YHC believes that some of the pax made it about half way through the Far side exercises before time was up.

Mosey back to the shovel flag.

9/8-9/9 – BRR
9/22 – “Never Forget” Challenge – Batesburg Leesville High School 7am
11/3 – City Ruck Tour honoring LOE, 11am, 12 miles, State House
11/10 – Cheech 10k
11/17 – Harry Bison, 15k/30k Harbison
12/14 – F3 Christmas Party

Prayers: Braniac recovering from knee surgery and now has to have shoulder surgery, The Turner family, father killed Saturday when hit on his bike, Mother has stage 4 breast cancer, they have 3 children, Clam Digger, Boat Plug’s wife

Hard work was done. It is good to see our Columbia brothers, and to see some pax pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. Keep pushing the rock. Iron Sharpens Iron. #TClaps to Kenwood for winning the STS Rucking Division. That is a phenomenal double down.