• When: 05/04/15
  • QIC: Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Meatball, Candystripe, TheBIGPeter, Turnbuckle, Yellow Cake

Crusade Speed Edition Meets Falling Water Hills

May the Fourth be With You!

5 pax posted for YHC’s VQ of crusade.  Since our faithful Garmin took the helm at Stride for the Beep Test, YHC took the opportunity to fill the Q hole for Crusade’s still developing speed edition.  Tweets ahead of the workout warned of hills.  A hill was delivered and the pax conquered it over and over again.  AYE!

Conditions: low 50s and pleasant… humid as well.


Head out of PLC on Lake toward Dam at a comfy pace.  Mix in a few rounds of High knees and butt kicks on the way to our hill.  Turn right into the Falling Waters Subdivision and cruise down the hill.  Stop at the bottom and stretch.

At 80-90% effort… like we know what that is… run back up the hill and stop at the stop sign. That is what you do at those type of signs.  Mozy back down and rest for 1 minute.

Rinse and repeat.

Stop at the top, rest, then sprint down the hill but maintain some control.   It was about here when Meatball chimed in unwittingly about running up the hill backwards… So, YHC concurred and made it so.  After the rest, backtrack up the hill. (Quads will thank me in the morning!)

Sprint back down the hill. Rest.

Karaoke up the hill turning around at the second garbage can. Mozy down and rest.

One last sprint to the top all you got!

Quick mozy back to PLC. just over 3 miles all together!



BRR is in the air and training like this is just what those running need.  All who posted did a great job! Meatball commented while YHC was pondering which hill to use for this workout that it didn’t matter and that he’d hate me either way.  The hill chosen was well paved and lit.  There are a couple other options that are closer to the base that can be in the future.  I’d be glad to Q this workout again!


Jailbreak 5K is May 23.  If we can get enough interest, we may be able to get a discount code.  Let me know if you’d like to run in this race to benefit the Lexington County Sheriff’s office.

Get in the Pink 5K/10K this weekend.  Still time to register.


Walker… headed to Duke.

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