• When: 2019-10-09
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Tater, Utah, FryDaddy, Terminator, FastCasual, SayWhat, NatureBoy, Rehab, NightSchool, Whisper, Pearl, Netflix, WeekendSpecial, DanceMachine, Quisenberry

Crusade loops some Neighborhoods

15 Pax posted for some Wednesday betterment. YHC reached back into some historical routes and found 1 that:

  1. Didn’t go to the Dam
  2. Didn’t go up Whiteford Hill

Here is what we did instead

Conditions: Mid 60s with an occasional light mist.

The Thang:

Disclaimer – Safety Reminder – Count off – BOM – Prayer

The Route:

  • Take a Left and head S down North Lake and continue past Whiteford
  • Take a Left into Whiteford Lakes, and loop through (dealers choice on direction of the loop)
  • Take another left when you return to North Lake and continue South
  • Take left into Hunters Ridge, and loop through (dealers choice on direction of the loop)
  • Return back toward the SF.
  • Manage your time, if you have extra time and want extra distance, take a left into Carriage Hill Lakes and loop through back to North Lake



  • Mentors needed at MES – See Whisper or Bulldog
    • Whisper shared about the potential impacts that can be made in the life of a child from 30 minutes a week.
  • 10/26 – Go Leo Go 5k with Speed for Need Chairs.  See Thumbs Up if necessary
  • 11/16 – Cheech 10k, with Run Hard 5k and Lex Half
  • 12/14 – Christmas Party
  • 12/24 – Nativity Ruck (Save the Date)

Prayers – None shared today.