• When: 4/2/15
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Slum Lord, Knozit, 2.0 Grasshopper (War Baby), Elmers, Beaker, Ponzi, GED (War Daddy), Fat Tire, Buzzsaw, Monkey Wrench, Peachy, Mayhem, Genie, Half Empty, Dirty Bomb, Heisenberg, Dunphy, Recall, Scotch, Notebook, Scooper, Sawdust, Baby Daddy, Field Goal, Ken Doll,

Crowdpleasing AM at The Shank

25 faithful posted at Shawshank for a pre-Good Friday beatdown at the hands of YHC. Many pax were introduced to Dirty MacDeuce and Burp & Merk for the first time. Definite #crowdpleasers. #Tclaps to the men of The Shank for the hard work and desire to #getbetter.

Conditions: 54 degrees, clear

The Thang:


Mosey and circle up

SSH x 10
TTH x 10

Line up on goal line

Sprint to net & back
High knees to net & back
Butt kicks to net & back
Karaoke to net & back
Sprint to net & back

Dirty MacDeuce
Merkins x 12 IC
Flutter kicks x 12 IC
Mt Climbers x 12 IC
x 4

Sprint to net & back
High knees to net & back
Butt kicks to net & back
Karaoke to net & back
Sprint to net & back

Burp & Merk

Line up on sideline
Sprint to other sideline

Partner up for pole work

Partner 1 – flip pole width of field
Partner 2 – bear crawl width of field
Partner 1 – flip pole width
Partner 2 – lunge width

Incline merkins on poles x 20 OYO
Jump overs x 20 OYO
Toe taps x 20 OYO
LBCs x 20 OYO
Merkins x 15 OYO

All you got back to the shovelflag


Devo by YHC: Matthew 28:1-10 The Resurrection

Prayer Requests:
-Dunphy’s mother-in-law Josie with pneumonia
-Grave Digger with a knee injury


-#Tclaps to the 8 pax who posted for Stridelite
-#Kotters to Dirty Bomb & Baby Daddy


The pax of IronYard and Anchor have planned a convergence for April 3 at IronYard. Our very own Malfunction Junction is co-Qing. These Kettle Bell AOs have a strong core group but they are looking to add more. Give it a shot. Here’s the preblast: http://f3nation.com/2015/03/23/kettlekonvergence-preblast/

Time is running out for the Lexington tshirt preorder. Here’s the link to preorder the black Mudgear or Red UnderArmour. http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/newest

Mud Run
The Mud Run on April 11 is our Super Bowl. Still time to sign up. You can reply to this email with interest and we’ll make sure you’re on a team. If you wish not to participate, we’ll take volunteers to help set up, take pictures or just provide moral support to the pax. Also, bring beer, water or Gatorade to your AO next week.

F3 Greenwood
Put Saturday May 9th on your calendar. Lexington is launching F3 Greenwood. If you know anyone in that area, send them this link to sign up: www.f3greenwood.com.

Blue Ridge Relay
Lexington had a huge showing for the P200. Tclaps to those that represented us so well. We’ve now set our sights on The Blue Ridge Relay. This event is the weekend of September 11. It’s just like the P200 but you run up a mountain. #CSAUP. Contact BRR QIC Hanging Chad.

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