• When: 04/01/2015
  • QIC: Candy Stripe
  • The PAX: Mac, Peachy, Candystripe

Stride Wars: The Asphalt Strikes Back

Miles, Miles, Miles,  we want the Miles.  2 Pax arrived for Stride XXL at the Courthouse to perform a fly by of Crusade, 1 Pax arrived for Stride XL to get better with extra mileage.  After pounding the pavement all Pax rendezvoused back at the courthouse for the route.

conditions:  60 with a slight breeze

disclaimer and route instructions

The route:  Head north on highway 6.go down mount Regal take a right onto Old Cherokee.  continue straight into Mallard lakes subdivision on Mallard lakes drive.  take a right onto Coventry lake drive.  left on Teesdale Ct.  Right onto Coventry Dr.  Left onto 378.  Continue onto North Lake Dr. and return to the court house.  total of 5.1 miles

The PAX set out to on the route and got into a comfortable pace sharing in the 2nd F.  on the way down Mt. Regal an audible was called and we rerouted through the back of the home Depot lot, in front of the Walmart then to 378 to Mallard Lakes Dr.  with the adjustment to the route the Pax would have time to continue the current pace and return to the courthouse 6:15.  after the long decent into mallard lakes it was time to climb back out,  there was a little reprieve on Teesdale Ct aptly named. Take a RIght onto Coventry Dr.  Things got interesting about half way up when an unnamed Paxed spotted a raised portion of asphalt an decided it would be advantageous to counquer this portion of the route in a modified Bearcrawl to Barrel roll.  Once past this area of uneven pavement, the Pax resumed a Vertical posture for the remainder of the run.  to the naked gloom eye, all skin appeared to remain intact on the aforementioned Pax.  the pax return to the courthouse at 6:17 with a total distance of 4.9 miles on the abridged route.

At this point the Pax scattered to their vehicles and headed home to start the day at their choosen professions.

Closing Prayer for the PAX


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