• When: 2019-02-21
  • QIC: Pocahontas
  • The PAX: Dance Off, Booster, Granola, PickAxe. Quisenberry, Canseco, Sippy Cup, Double Fault, Tater, Wapner, Pocahontas

Closed Circuit Go Around

11 Pax posted this am for a multi-exercise circuit. Pax pushed themselves and focused on technique. Awesome Job Men!

Conditions: Low 40s with a light mist to start the morning.

The Good Stuff:


Mozey through the front lot to the back parking lot on the side of the school. OHC, BACs, SSH, Reverse BACs, THT, all x 10 IC. Mozey to block pile then brought blocks to bottom of stairs by the soccer fields.

Starting at the first tree, pax then ran a 10 station circuit:
One lap consisted of:
Station 1: 1 Burpee, mozey down track to station 2
Station 2: 5 Squats, mozey to stairs to station 3
Station 3: 5 Block Merkins,
(Carry block up the stairs to station 4)
Station 4: 5 Curls for the girls (with Block)
Station 5: Bear Crawl to station 6
Station 6: 5 LBCs, mozey to station 7,
Station 7: 5 AMs, each side, mozey to station 8
Station 8: 5 Incline Merkins on garden blocks, mozey to station 9,
Station 9: Lunges to stair case,
(Carry block back down stairs to station 10),
Station 10: 5 Shoulder Block Presses, mozey back to station 1
*Added one rep to each exercise after each lap
Worked hard during circuit for 20 minutes

Mozey to block pile to return piles, mozey back up to side parking lot.
Found a spot on the bricks around gardens.
One set of decline press, dips and step ups x10 on your own.
Set two, same exercises x5 on your own.
Mozey to Shovel flag to finish with 3 minutes of B/C and Flutter Kicks.

5yr Convergence 3/2
P200 3/22 &3/23
Gauntlet 4/8-4/19
Cross Ruck ends Gauntlet
Tread Q’s

Prayer Requests:
Boo’s 2.0
Dance Off’s M
Brainiack surgery

Great Work Men