• When: 2019-08-20
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Soaker, 5 Play, Nick, Big Box, Buzz Saw (R), Ponzi, Cowbell, Ramrod, Raft, Hash & Rice, Cheers, Coon Dog

Circuit of Pain

Weather Conditions: 78° and 100% Humidity

12 strong Pax arrived with hopes of a brutal beat down.  The constant curtain of humidity weighed heavy on everyone, but YHC did his best to deliver.  Here is how it went:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Indian Run around the complex back to the Main Parking Lot

Mosey across the bridge, to the Block Pile, and circle up on the Field


SSH x25 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Block Curls x10 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Chest Press x20 IC
Windmills x10 IC
T-Plank Merkins x10 IC

Block Carry back to the Main Parking Lot

The Circuit:

Begin with 11 counts of each exercise and add one at the completion of each round

Station 1 – Kettleblock Swings
Station 2 – Run Single Island Loop in the Parking Lot (back to your Block)
Station 3 – Shoulder Press
Station 4 – Merkins
Station 5 – Bench Worm (snake down & back over each table)
Station 6 – Box Jumps (cross the bridge to next station)
Station 7 – Squats (back across the bridge for next station)
Station 8 – Balls to the Wall Shuffle (BTTW position and shuffle right to other end of the wall)
Replace Blocks
Plank for the 6
Mosey back to the Shelter
Flutter Kicks – 2 minutes
08/24: Stomp the Swamp
08/24: Jailbreak 5k
08/24: BC Location TBD (Due to Jailbreak 5k)
F3 Mentors needed
September starts the Iron Pax Challenge
Prayer Requests
Ponzi for Wisdom and Patience
Maggie Capps
School starting back (Also be careful in school zones)
Dunphy’s mom