• When: 2019-08-27
  • QIC: Dear Diary
  • The PAX: Tattoo, Frydaddy, Wilbur, Candystripe, Treadmill, Canseco, Wapner, Swanson, Buttermaker, Jobu, Pickaxe, Kyrie, Arrears, Tater, Boo, Booster, Simon Says & Dear Diary

Circle Burps & Shooting Stars

Weather: 75 and comfy

Circle Up, Disclaimer, BOM & Prayer

mosey the long way around to the Teachers Lot

SSH x 18ic
TTT x 18ic
IW x 18ic
Overhead Clap x 18ic (rythym optional)

mosey back to top of road to teachers lot and line up on curb

(18) Merkins, sprint to small hill, bear crawl to asphalt, (18) Merkins, Lunge to curb, AWESOMEST SHOOTING STAR EVER PASSED BY FOR ALL TO SEE RIGHT HERE, (18) Merkins, sprint to curb, (18) Merkins

(18) dips on wall, sprint to curb, (18) squats, sprint to curb, (18) squats, sprint to curb, (18) squats, bear crawl down the hill, sprint to curb, (18) squats

mosey to the block pile, grab a block and head to the basketball court, partner up.

partner #1 carries both blocks across and back while partner #2 does Merkins, flapjack, each Pax makes 2 trips

partner #1 curls for the girls with a block while partner #2 carries a block overhead across and back, flapjack, each Pax makes 2 trips

partner #1 dips using the blocks while partner #2 backpedals across and back, flapjack, each Pax makes 2 trips

Put up blocks and return to the basketball court. circle up for the CIRCLE BURP!

Circle Burp (F3 Exicon Definition): “PAX Circle up and start chopping feet or doing high knees. Starting with the Q and going around the circle each PAX, one by one, calls out “”down”” and everyone drops and does a burpee. The circle burp is complete after each PAX in the circle has called “”down””. This is similar to doing Up Downs.”

mosey to the shovel flag for Mary

Flutter Kicks x 18ic
Freddy Mercury’s x 18ic
LBC x 18ic
Boat Canoe (on my call)

15 seconds left, Wapner call 25 Flutter Kicks early leg

Announcements: Kamikaze Tuesday (9/3) & 2nd F Night same night (9/3) 8:15 @ Willie Jewels (Adults Only).

Prayer Requests: Corbett Anderson, Swanson’s coworker, Swanson & Family, 2.0’s in Middle School, Boo’s M & Canseco’s coworker.