• When: 2019-08-27
  • QIC: Fast Casual
  • The PAX: Voltron, Cyclops,Notebook,Sloppy Disk, Headgeear,Forrest,Rockdrop,7-11,Fishwrap,Rugburn,Weekend Special,Pearl,Netflix,Queso,Guac,Utah,whisper,Free salsa,Potluck,trauma,Dabear,Quest.

Iron Pax Challenge – Fast-Casual Style!

Perfect morning at the arena. Even saw a bright shooting star!

70 degrees, low humidity.

The Thang;

YHC had just realized Monday at crusade he was in charge Tuesday so i began planning a weinke. After speaking the AOQ suggestion was made to think about incorporating the iron pax challenge. So YHC ran with it.

During opening prayer etc we even saw a shooting star this morning. Did tell the pax mumblechatter appreciated the QIC was going to ignore ( not hear ) anyway.

Took off slow mosey to inner circle of parking lot midway went into the p/lot for COP.

15x O/H claps

15x Windmill

1 yes 1. x SSH for the request

15x TTT

10 each baby arm circles forward and back.

Then broke into groups of 4:

1 pax run the loop of the p/lot (400m or close) x6

The other pax 6×24 sets of mains, squats and lunges.

This after one lap created great confusion so YHC bought everyone back into circle asked them to plank and gave out clearer and more specific instructions.

Worked a little better or the pax just figured out what to do.

On the most part this looked good on paper yet was a very tough workout, so very happy that all pax were giving maximum effort. This is what it is about.

Took one final small lap before heading back to SF.

Unspoken prayers.

Not too much announcement wise beside potluck talking about  fundraiser with a prize of $7000 and telling Sloppy he never seen that kind of money etc..

Glad so many people came to support me at Arena appreciate those who came and those who read this.


Fast Casual