• When: 2018-01-16
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Cramps, Inspector Mom, Chuckwagon, Honey Boo Boo, Slumlord, Parking Lot, Hoist, Half Empty, Gravedigger, Iron Mary, Stalker, Tribe, Kenwood.

Chilly morning at The Hollow

As the weatherman promised, it was a chilly morning.  So I promised I’d keep the PAX warm by keeping everyone moving during the workout.  We had 3 for a couple miles of SL.

Conditions: mid 20s, clear sky, no/lo wind (thank goodness)

1 minute warning, intro, no FNGs, prayer, disclaimer (aka, “I’m not a professional”)

Run around the parking lot to loosen up and head to the blocks.  Everyone grab a block and circle up nearby for the warm up consisting of:

  • 20x SSHs IC
  • 20x Block CFTGs OYO
  • 20x TTTs IC
  • 20x Block OHPs OYO (over head presses)
  • 20x Air Squats IC
  • 20x Block BORs OYO (bent over rows)
  • 20x IWs IC

Grab your block and line in in the courtyard/infield of the building.  Perform the following rounds of exercises:

  • 20-11’s (basically a modified round of 21’s).  At your block do 20 alternating hand block merkins.  Run down 40 m to the cones.  Do 11 Air Squats.  Run back to block, do 19 merkins, run back 12 air squats.  Keep going until 11 merkins and 20 air squats.  Flutter kick for the 6.
  • 2 laps of…  With the blocks lined up, jump left over each block, do burpee, jump over next block, etc. until 12 blocks were completed.  Bear crawl forward 20 m.  Side lunge to the right 20 m. Craw bear back to the start.
  • 11’s.  At your block do 11 kettlebell block swings.  Run down 40 m to the cones.  Do 1 Turkish Getup.  Run back to block, do 10 kettlebell block swings, run back 2 Turkish Getups.  Keep going until time was called.  Most finished about halfway.

Return the blocks and head to the SF for the count, names, announcements, prayer request, prayer, pledge of allegiance.

Announcements:  Dam-to-dam (get signed up), P200, GrowRuck (Moist’s spot is available).

Prayer request: Scotch’s son (recovery), Cramp’s mom (surgery Wednesday).

Good to see Half Empty back out there this morning.