• When: 2017-08-17
  • QIC: Rook
  • The PAX: Rook, Stinkbait, Bounce House, Patches, Blue Rhino, Harp, Canseco, Jill, Foggy Bottom, Merit Badge, Hot-4-Teacher, Adluh, Olive Oil, Fake News, Lego, Barcrawl, Cream Cheese, Rumblestrip, Boo Boo, Postal, Rebound, Chips, Prowler, Blindside, Keyster

Checkmate, Detention

Warm Up
Station 1
Imperial Walkers 20
Windmill 20

SSH 20

Power SSH 20
Station 3
TTT 20
Arm circles 20
Station 4
Tricep dips 20
Feet on the Curb Merkins 20

Station 5

Catch Me if You Can (3 Burpees x 3)
Station 6
Descending Jacob’s Ladder at the principal.
Partner Amrap squats, flap jack.
Station 7
Death Star
Station 8
Curb 10 Merkins, Bear Crawl, 10 squats Rinse and repeat.

Announcements: Jill’s UMC Men’s Conference this Saturday, Sheriff’s Foundation Jailbreak Escape Saturday, Snakepit 3-year anniversary Saturday bootcamp at 6 a.m., Stomp the Swamp 26th at River Bluff, Canseco selling raffle tickets for his daughters softball team (guns up for grabs),

Prayer Requests: Barefoot, Good Hands’ Grandfather passed away – remember the family, Chips mother – chemo, Blue Rhino’s cousin Aivey and her family.


I remember with almost perfect clarity falling to my knees one morning about 5 years ago while I was in the shower, crying out to God. I was a believer of 20 years, having been both a missionary, and a Sunday school leader. But I was feeling overwhelmed with conviction that I still was not giving myself completely over to God.  So I found myself pleading with God to use me. I am His totally and completely. Do with me whatever he needs and wants, even if it is the most unexpected thing imaginable.

To classify what followed as “unexpected” is an understatement. A series of events almost immediately after that set me on a path of doubt and looking for answers. During my time journey, I met with Christians, pastors, priests, Bible scholars, historians and scientists in attempt to gain answers. During this time numerous Christians treated me very badly, just for asking questions. I was told by Christians that they hope my children grow up to hate me for my doubt. I’ve been told by Christians that my children should be taken away from me. I’ve been told by Christians that they will laugh at me from Heaven while I’m burning in Hell. I even had a Sunday school teacher urge my wife to leave me, just for asking questions.

1 Peter 3;15 says “Be prepared, always, to give an answer for the joy in your heart, but do so in love with gentleness and respect”

It’s been said before that the biggest evidence Christianity is false are Christians, and the biggest evidence Christianity is true are Christians. So I ask you today brothers, what kind of Christian are you? What kind of Christian do you want to be? Are you the one who will mock and chide and denegrate the unbeliever or are you the one who will love them right where they are?

I can tell you I’m here today because one Christian chose to be different. Just one. Blindside chose to be the latter Christian. Despite knowing my doubts, and struggles, he loved me anyway. He loved me enough to be different than those who mocked me.

I have heard time and time again in F3 you never know the impact one person can have. Blindside is certainly proof of that. So I want to urge all of you, go out and be the evidence for Christianity, and not the evidence against it.