• When: 2018-10-25
  • QIC: Escobar
  • The PAX: Nailpop, Rec, Buttdial, Up Charge, Flipper, Big Al, WeeWee, Zacchaeus, Brick, Drysdale, Two Star, Dominion, Escobar

Burpees for Breakfast at Surge

YHC always enjoys Q’ing at the new home AO and hopes to help these guys get better while they help me get better too.    It’s been great to get to know these guys over the past year and watching new PAX become committed to each other.  Accountability to each other and posting for each other is a big part of why the PAX here have continued to post and the AO has continued to grow.  In hopes to push the PAX this morning, YHC tried to mix in a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Well, really just a bunch of burpees.

One minute warning, FNGs, disclaimer and prayer.  With that we were off to put in work.


All until YHC calls recover…

2 minute SSHs

1 minute squats

1 minute squat thrusters

1 minute squat thrusters with push ups

1 minute burpees

1 minute rest (jog in place)

1 minute burpees

1 minute rest (jog in place)

1 minute burpees

Burpee Cardio Ladder:
Do 1 burpee. Run cone shuttle…
Do 2 burpees. Run cone shuttle…
Do 3 burpees. Run cone shuttle…
Do 4 burpees….continue until 10 burpees and cone shuttle.

Plank waiting for the six to finish.  Recover and then mosey around parking lot.

Now when you work up the ladder you have to work your way back down from 10 to 1 burpee.  So that’s what we did next.

Plank, LBCs and Flutter Kicks for the six.

Recover and mosey to SF.

COT, BOM and Prayers

Prayer Request:

  • Buttdial family – passing of two Aunts, his father performing both funerals – prayers for peqce and comfort
  • Saucy
  • Missing PAX


  • Cheech 10k 11/10
  • Wildcat 12/1
  • Go Leo Go 10/27


  • Nailpop sent text to WeeWee last night and said if we stood aroufor 7min he was going to do something on his own – safe to say he stayed warm this morning
  • WeeWee said YHC did SL lite this morning (YHC ran 3 miles instead of the standard 4mi SL route) – Q’ing has it’s advantages
  • Several PAX shredded a layer of clothes during WO
  • Mumblechatter was on point when YHC brought the PAX down the burpee ladder
  • Good times at Surge this morning, great to have Brick join us too