• When: 2018-04-07
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Chum (Respect), Bionic (Respect), Copay (Respect), Breaker-Breaker (Respect), Grease Monkey (Respect), POTUS (Respect), Jaws (Respect)

Burpee Mile Modified and Extended…

Conditions: Cloudy and a balmy 60 degrees (for a change) with a threat of rain.

With a full circle of Respect, YHC knew the Burpee was held in high regard at Boneyard, and of course Reaper Hill is something that has to be taken into consideration, so thought a Burpee Mile would be a good challenge.

The Thang:


Warmup – (15 reps each IC)

    • Through the Tunnel
    • Windmill
    • Side Straddle Hop
    • Little Baby Arm Circles – 10 Fwd, 10 Rev. – (Keep Arms Up)
    • Overhead Clap – (Keep Arms Up)
    • Turn & Bounce
    • Imperial Walker
    • Flutterkicks
    • American Hammer
    • Jane Fondas, 10 leg raises, 10 CW rotations and 10 CCW rotations, each leg

Burpee Mile

A walk around the campus, stopping at every tenth of a mile to do 10 burpees. The walk ended up being 1.2 miles, so we got 120 burpees in. We took a slight detour at the main entrance to do 10 burpees in front of the flag with our hats off.

Round Robin

We finished the walk quicker than YHC calculated, so had 15 minutes left. So the PAX got into a circle and did a round robin of PAX choice exercises. Made it around the circle twice, with Chum and YHC picking burpees, so that made for 150 total burpees.  Jaws amazed us all with his “reverse superman” exercise. My abs are still hurting…



Walk for life May 18th, Lex High, 6-9 pm
POTUS Q April 9
Prayer Requests:
Jaws’ son leaving rehab
Deadstick’s step-daughter, looking for work
Chum’s son

Pledge of Allegiance
Lord’s Prayer