• When: 2018-05-10
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Kyrie, Swanson, Tater, Swinger, Booster, Shag, Granola, PickAxe, TheCloser, Wilbur, SimonSays, Buttermaker, Strawberry, Canseco, DoubleFault, FryDaddy, Wapner, Quisenberry

Burpee Block Relay

18 Pax posted at TurningPoint.  Some expected the 10 reps of less workout from Surge, but that was not the plan.  The workout gave every pax the opportunity to accelerate their fitness, and all the pax were up to the task.  Another great morning at TP.

Conditions: Beautiful 63

The Thang:


Mozey around to the staff lot, Circle up for COP

  • SSH Burpees x5 IC (x4)
  • LBAC x10 IC (Front)
  • OHAC x10 IC
  • DirtyBirds x10 IC
  • LBAC x10 IC (reverse)
  • IW x10 IC
  • TTT x10 IC

Count of by 3s for groups.  Mozey to block pile, 1s grab a block, 3s grab 2 brick, mozey to the track for relay work.

  1. Blocks – Squats / Bricks – Boo Squats
  2. Blocks – Shoulder Press / Bricks – Curls for Girls
  3. Blocks – Merkins on the block / Bricks – Triceps Ext
  4. Blocks – Burpees with Block / Bricks – Napalms

Mozey toward the hill at the end of the field, blocks near soccer goal, Bricks top of the hill

  • Block – BBSUs / Bricks – Flutter Kicks with Bricks locked out

Return Blocks and Bricks to the pile, mozey back to SF for some Mary:

  • 6 inches for the 6 then into frozen flutters x10 IC
  • AH x10 IC
  • Boat-Canoe OMC until time is called.



  • 10 Pax posted for Wingman, discussed the Jester below.  Good conversations
  • Acceleration is easy when running downhill
  • Was worried Wapner might throw a shoe this am.
  • Tater created at new exercise.  Added a Squat to the beginning of a Napalm.  We call them Tapalms.  Need to be added the Exicon.


  • Radio Silence
  • F3LexSC Month at TheMission
  • 5/11 – Special Olympic Torch Run (SFN Chairs – See ThumbsUp)
  • 5/12 – Get in the Pink (SFN Chairs – See ThumbsUp)
  • 5/12 – Shake n Bake: 62 Miles for LLS
  • 11/10 – Cheech 10K


  • Dear Diary – Last Day of Chemo
  • Chedda – Rib Injury
  • Swanson’s Dad
  • Granola – Grumpy (Swanson too)
  • Buttermaker – Church member Landon – Brain issues

Devotional (from WingMan): What is your Jester?


The Jester is the temptation of the flesh that hinders Acceleration. It is that one stumbling block (amongst the many available) that a man finds himself tripping over repeatedly before he turns Pro. No matter how strong his Routines are that support his King and Queen, if he fails to Prepare for his Jester he will not be able to Get Right. Unimpeded, the Jester will undo his hard work and destroy his proper personal alignment.