• When: 2018-05-08
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Dunphy, Buzzsaw(R), Fishnets, Big Box, Bing, Taurasi(R), Elmers, Knowzit, Coon Dog, Cowbell, Winston, Cheers

Cheers’ Clam Dip Soda WO

YHC is still feeling the effects of a CSAUP workout from Ponzi last week, so running was not an option with a back injury. Instead, let’s just do a core workout that should be really easy on the back, right? Thanks for the prayers and encouragement, not to mention the mumblechatter, my dear brothers of Shawshank.

Conditions: Clear, mid-60’s

The Thang:

C-Calf raises
A-Al Gore

D-Decline Merkins
I-Incline Merkins

O-Overhead claps
A-AB workout finish

Each exercise done for 1 full minute, then move into the next exercise. This is done for four rotations, with 11 exercises for 44 minutes. It didn’t go that smoothly…

AB workouts: Hello dolly, hip thrust, and 100 LBCs

-Back pain really drowns out mumblechatter.
-Glad to have Winston, our traveling AO K-9, there for the festivities.

-5/12 Converge at Hollow
-Mud Run 5/19
-6/23 Pool Party in Lego’s neighborhood

-Lego’s 2.0
-Cowbell’s interview
-Elmer’s brother and wife
-All marriages