• When: 2018-03-08
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Whisper, POTUS-R, Chum-R, Dirty Bird-R, Fast Casual, Netflix, Utah-R, Bionic-R, Red C, Ken Doll, Cream Cheese, Bulldog, Strom-R, Boo-R, Quest, Grease Monkey, CoPay-R


Always a pleasure to visit the men of Boneyard.  Full of mumble chatter as always.  Appreciate Chum and Dirty Bird for assisting with early morning set-up.

conditions:  chilly 37 degrees

The Thang:

SSHs x 20IC

TTT x 20 IC

LBACs x 20 IC forward into Overhead Claps x 20 IC into LBACs x 20 IC backwards

Mosey to courtyard gate/fence and grab a spot on the wall

Calf Raises x 20 IC

Squats x 20 IC

Iron Crosses x 20

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

Dead Guy Sit-ups x 20

BY mosey to courtyard and select your block/bricks

Brick work or block work as we had a solid group show up and YHC wasn’t totally prepared for the numbers.

Curls x 20, Chest Press x 20, Shoulder Press x 20, Tricep Extensions x 20, Rows x 20

Feet in blocks for BBSUs x 20, LBCs x 20

Russian Twists x 20 IC

Low plan x 20 IC

Hip Thrusters x 20 IC

Slow-Mo Merkins on blocks x 20 OYO

Merkins x 20 OYO


Shoulder Taps x 20 OYO

Partner up:  grab a block and lineup behind a tire.

Partner 1 flips his tire 25 times and then bear crawls back to his partner who is static pressing his block the entire time.  Alternate.  Partner 2 bear crawls to his tire and then flips it back 25 times while partner 1 static presses his block.

Chest Press x 20 with block

Curls x 20 with Block

Plank jacks x 20 IC

Mosey back to flag

High Plank on curb x 20 IC

Right Arm up on curb x 20 IC

Left Arm up on curb x 20 IC

Call it a day


Announcements:  Mentor program

Prayer Requests:  our brothers dealing with injuries and sickness

DEVO:  navigating the day by using the 4 B’s

  1.   Be a Blessing
  2.  Be a Leader
  3. Be Grateful
  4. Be Uncommon amongst Common People