• When: 2018-03-10
  • QIC: Training Wheels
  • The PAX: Training Wheels(R), Heisenberg(R), Big Rig(R), Book Worm, Salk, Big Wheel, Bonafide, Enterprise

Training Wheels Q @F3TheMission 3/10/2018

It was a chilly but sunny day in Finlay park. We prayed up first, then TW with the disclaimer.




For the warmup, we did SSH, TTT, Windmills, LBAC and Bend&Reach all x 15 IC.


Mosey to Ampitheater
Triple Nickel: run to the top, 5 burpees, run down, 5 burpees. R&R 3 times total. Plank when done.

Mosey to the middle stairs
Bear crawl up to middle grass area.
Triple Nickel: run across grass, 5 merkins, run back, 5 merkins. R&R 3 times total. Plank when done. Crab walk back down the stairs.

Mosey to the retaining wall.
Triple Nickel: climb the wall, 5 BBSU, run down the stairs, 5 BBSU. R&R 3 times total. Plank when done.

Time permitting, balls to the wall for 30 sec. People’s chair for 30 sec. R&R 3 rounds total. Find a short wall, 20 step ups each leg.
Mosey back to the shovel flag.


For 6 minutes of Mary we did 6 each of Hydraulics, Burpees, LBAC, LBC, Windmills, SSH.

Count o rama 8

Name o rama

AAR: Great Q today. TW is no stranger to leading the pax. Awesome brother!

Prayer requests



Big Wheel and Salk received their mission shirts today! Awesome job fellas. Book Worm is killing it. You can see how he is getting better. How he pushes himself.

We want to pray for Spokes. He is in need of some heavy prayers right now.

Bo was sick and trying to recuperate. Prayers for him.

Drummer Boys family is going through a rough time. Prayers for him and his family.

We have had low numbers lately. We would love to see some outside brothers post @F3TheMission. 0830 every Saturday at Finlay Park.



3/30 Cross Ruck in Columbia.

3/31 convergence at the mission.

P200 coming up.

F3/OGM advisory board meeting coming up. If you would like to get involved please reach out to Serena, Training Wheels, Heisenberg or myself.


Enterprise out.