• When: 2018-08-17
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Swayze, Khakis, Defect, Belding, mermaid, caboose, stay puff, Puck

BRR Training Route at the Rooster

As YHC was arriving at Rooster, Mermaid was pulling into the parking lot on his bike. T-claps to him for riding from Ridge Springs which is about 12 miles away. YHC also noticed Khakis’ jeep (I know its his because he as his smiling face on the side of it) and Happy Trees car were already there.   These Pax were nowhere to be found because they got an early start.  It turned out that Swayze also posted early after riding on his bike to rooster. T-claps to all these men for getting up extra early to get the work done.  As time drew near, Happy Trees returned and Belding, Stay Puff, Caboose and Defect arrived for the morning festivities.

Circle up

Quick prayer and we were off

Defect was there to show off his new ruck sack and to scare away small woodland creatures and set off on his own.

Swayze and Khakis were already out getting the work done before of the rest of the men arrived.

The rest (6 pax) were running with YHC on the Q and the BRR training route in my sights

The Route

YHC warned the men of what was coming so, they could be prepared with lights and tron vests.

Leave the park and take a left onto College St

Left onto Bernard St (At the bottom of the hill (roughly the bridge), the “Bernard Mt” segment starts and it ends at the near the stop sign.

Right on Bozard Mill Rd and run down to the first storm drain.

Turn around at the storm drain and start back up the hill (from the storm drain to Bernard St is another segment “Bozard Mt”).

Top the hill and run past Bernard St and to the top of the next hill (Not quite at Walter Shealy Rd) and turn around and head back to Bernard St

Right on Bernard St (At the bottom of the hill (roughly the bridge), the “Lick Creek Climb” segment begins and it ends just past the only street light on the entire route.

Right on Trotter St

Left on Speaks Ave

Back to the flag after 5ish mile



Happy Trees had an unspoken praise, so praise him for it

T-claps to all the men who posted this morning and condolences to Stay Puff who was unfortunate enough to try to run with Mermaid who had him run all the way to the pole mill at probably 5min/mile

T-claps to Caboose for doing some BRR training