• When: 2018-08-18
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: Beads, DoubleRub, Commodore, DodgeBall, FallOut, SisterWife, BetaMax, Froman

The Belding Mystery Tour at DawnStrike

Great morning we had 9 PAX plus one no show Belding at DawnStrike. Because I knew he was coming I added some more running in my Q.  I wanted to take care of my man and make sure he got in some Jennering. But Belding let us all down by Fart Sacking this morning. The PAX would like to welcome Commodore to his 1st and hopefully not his last DawnStrike. I hope I didn’t hurt his feels to bad. I want to thank all of F3 for the support while I recovered from hamstring surgery. It was great to be back out and a honor to be the Q this morning.

Here is what happened at 6am this morning.

Weather: Clear and muggy

Met at the front of Dreher then slow jog to the back over by the gym.


20 IC Little Baby Arm Circles Front/Back

10 IC Big Arm Circles Front/Back (thanks to Beads)

10 each OYO Times 2 – Merkins – Regular, Wide, Diamond

50 OYO Big Boy Situps

50 OYO Squats at the Bench (lite brush of the bench)

30 IC Flutter Kicks

75 IC Air Presses

The Thang – Let the fun begin

I put this part in for NO SHOW BELDING

Mosey over to the goal line at the football field where I had setup cones about every 20 yards down the field. Sprint to cone 1 (2) Burpees, sprint to cone 2 (4) Burpees, sprint to cone 3 (6) Burpees, sprint to cone 4 (8) Burpees, sprint to cone 5 (10) Burpees then sprint to the end of the field. Once at the end of the field repeat this time 10 burpees at cone 1, then 8 burpees at cone 2 and so on.

Next on the agenda was a little upper body work. Mosey over grab a block and circle up over by the metal squares.

Repeat Circuit Twice

25 IC Curls for the Girls

30 IC Bench Press

15 IC Shoulder Presses

5 Dips at the Metal Squares  (PAX needs to work on it dips for sure)

5 Dips at the Metal Squares – Since this was a crowd pleaser we did them again. Big shout out to Breads for pushing himself and getting to 90 degrees. Great work!!

Put the blocks up and get ready for the last push to the end of the workout. Once again this part was put in for NO SHOW BELDING.

Mosey over the parking lot line up at 1st Island. Partner up, partner 1 sprint to the 3rd island in the parking lot and back, partner 2 do the assigned exercise.


150 Merkins

200 Squarts

100 LBC’s

Mosey back to the front of Dreher and sew up this workout up.

Thanks to all that came out. At my next DawnStrike Q I hope to have a big surprise for the PAX.