• When: 1/27/15
  • QIC: Floppy Disk
  • The PAX: Meltdown, Say What, GED, Gilbert (Morgan Faulk- FNG), Yellow Cake, Clapper, Floppy Disk

Boneyard – Weights and Ascending Testicles

6 Pax entered the Gloom this morning to take a walk on the wild side with YHC. WIth some of the Pax recoving from surgery/injury, YHC decided to set the tone early by jumping in with 8 count Body builders from the get go. No running in this workout, but plenty of pain. With weights at our disposal why not pick up the 45 lb’ers and get to work. Also who can avoid the “Ascending Testicles” exercise when you read it in the Lexicon. Had to be done and a crowd pleaser for sure.

(10) 8 Count Body builder

Mosey to hellapad
TTT x 20IC
WIndmill x 15IC
Low Country Crab x 15IC
IW x 15IC

Walk to weight room area- overhead claps, arm circles on the way

Weight workout
Curls 45lbs x 10 IC
Tricep Extension 45lbs x 10 IC
Rows 45lbs x 10 IC
1) Hanging Wipers x 15
2) Monkey Humpers
Calf Raises x 30

1) Pull Ups AMRAP
2) VUp Rollup x 10 IC
Calf Raises x 30

1) Dips x 20
2) Boat Canoe x 15
Calf Raises x 30

1) Hanging knee ups x 10
2) Ascending Testicles – 10 ct x 5
Calf Raises x 30

1) Dip bar in outs x 10
2) Typewriter Pushups x 10
Calf Raises x 30

1) Hanging Leg Raises x 10
2) Ankle taps x 15 IC
Calf Raises x30

1) Hanging Scissors
2) Hello Dolly
Calf Raises x30

2) DIps Bars or Tires
Calf Raises x45

Russian Twist x 15

Plank Torture
Merkin x10
Peter Parker x10
Rock Hop x10
Carolina Dry Docks x10

Slow Mosey back to Flag
Overhead Press and side arm raises on the way
Dragon Flies 15 each


FNG – Morgan Faulk  > Graphic Designer > Etch a Sketch (taken) > Dilbert

Go Run/Snakepit Convergence

Lexington Race Against Hunger

Stride tomorrow

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