• When: 1/26/2015
  • QIC: Tuff Guy
  • The PAX: Alter Boy, Pepto, Candy Stripe, Bluescreen, Tuff Guy

Birthday Q at 42

Conditions:  42 degrees and cool


The thang:

Four pax posted in the gloom this morning for a Birthday Q by YHC. No one knew what to expect, not even the Q.  What do we do 42 times to celebrate his birthday?  We’ll decide as time goes on.

Mosey(1/2 mile) up the hill to school parking lot.

High knees for 50 yards

Butt kicks for 50 yards

Karaoke for 50 yards, switch directions halfway down.

Mosey and “fingle sile line” for Indian Run. Whatever that is.

Last pax hollers out “stride” when they get to the front. Do this for 1/2 mile.

Backwards run for 1/4 mile.

Gather around for Q’s prop (agility ladder) stashed in the grass.

Do an agility drill using agility ladder, then sprint up hill for 40 yards. Do 5 jump squats, mosey back.

6 various drills (Side steps, in/out, bunny hop, etc)

Mosey to track.

13 minutes of suck to follow:

sprint for 1 min. then mosey/walk for 1 min

sprint for 2 min. then mosey/walk for 1 min

sprint for 3 min. then  mosey/walk for 1 min

sprint for 2 min then mosey/walk for 1 min

sprint for 1 min then mosey back to parking lot.

We had 3.8 miles in at this time. What do we do? One lap around the parking lot and we hit 4.2 miles. Yay!!

Great job by all pax this morning.

T claps to Pepto and CandyStripe for 2.6 mile “warm-up” prior to workout.

Sorry there was no cake/ice cream for the pax to enjoy afterwards. Just the joy knowing you worked out and hopefully got better.


Closeout prayer by Alter Boy.

Moleskin: Check calendar for upcoming events. Lots to choose from.



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