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Boneyard limps through a Fracture Q

Yhc knew the pax of Boneyard are tough because every Q comes in with an idea of how to crush their souls, yet they keep coming back for more. As a change YHC decided to give the pax a full body workout with weights to change it up. A little modification took place when 1 pax showed up on crutches, but work was done and everyone got better.


walk to weight room on the way do LBAC and Imperial Walker lunges.

5 men 5 stations 1:30 each station Amrap

1 and 2-weight rotations 35lbs

3-kettle bell swings 20lbs

4- shoulder press 45lbs

5- wall sits holding 20lbs

rotate through all stations and new stations same drill

1 and 2- bbsu pass with 30lbs



5-decline merkins on tire

Back to the start new exercises

1-Turkish get ups 15lbs

2-broad jump burpees

3- overhead squats 20lbs

4-curls for the girls 45lbs

5-balls to the wall

last rotation

1.lunge 30lbs

2. RT with 20lbs

3. Ropes

4.pull ups/hangs

5.box jumps

great work men it was inspiring to see Mac on crutches putting in work! TCLAPS


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