• When: 04/04/2015
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Turnbuckle, Inuit, Columbo, Garmin, Ginger

BLIMPS descend upon Jumanji

#TheHerd rolled in to find the AO wet from a morning drizzle, but thankfully the only drops that fell during the workout were that of perspiration from all getting better.  We had a visitor from the West (like west Lexington, not Nevada or something).  Turnbuckle had been jonesing to get out to one of the newest Lex bootcamp AO’s for quite some time.  We’re glad he joined us for the fun pain.

Conditions: Upper 50’s, gray, windy

The Thang:

Mosey to side parking lot of school for COP (all IC)
30 SSH
30 IW
10 lil arm circles (fwd & bkwd)
20 TTT’s
25 Windmills
10 Squats

Mosey down to front of school (one of YHC’s favorite places to do work) for the 1st round of BLIMPS.
5 Burpees (sprint down & back)
10 Lunges (sprint down & back)
15 Imp. Walkers (sprint down & back)
20 Merkins (sprint down & back)
25 Plank-jacks (sprint down & back)
30 Squats (sprint down & back)
Plank until all are done after each exercise.  #smokefest
1 round of Dealer’s Choice Mary (dying cockroach, Ray Charles, Freddie Mercuries, flutter kicks, & LBC’s)

Mosey around back side of school
ANOTHER ROUND OF BLIMPS (touching school wall for the down & back)
10 Air Squared afterward IC
The F3nation.com exercise section is always good to spice up a routine workout.

Mosey to bathroom/brick pile area
1 round of Ascending Testicles (again, check the exercise section…YHC can’t make these up)
Grab a pair of bricks
1 round of Dealer’s choice brickwork (curls, triceps extensions, Napalms, & two others)
10 WW2 Situps OYO #crowdpleaser

An AB sighting during his long-run mission occurred somewhere around this point.  Good work, brother!

BLIMPS w/ bricks (the Pax came up with 6 brick-related exercises to fill the BLIMPS model, but honestly YHC can’t remember what they were excatly.  There were some shoulder press, some inclined row & at the end Columbo had us going down a line doing a bunch of merkins on evenly-spaced bricks.

Mosey back to SF for COT & BOM


  • Mud run this coming Saturday.  All non-participating Pax to Converge on Jumanji!!!!!


  • Prayer requests: AB’s sister, Garmin as he closes out school & takes what I’m sure are the hardest tests on earth (I’d be a terrible lawyer).
  • Favorite quote of the workout: “Don’t go back to Dallas ever again” – Inuit (aimed at YHC for the inspiration of BLIMPS & WWII situps learned from @F3Dallas

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