• When: 2018-09-18
  • QIC: Pawn Star
  • The PAX: Iron Mary, Irrev, Bouche, Mercy Rule, Honey Boo Boo, Kenwood, Drago, Cramps, Nailpop, Meatball, Scotch, All 9"s, Cooter, Frenchy, Slumlord (R), Stalker, Chuckwagon, Hoist, Spaghetti O's, Fuzzy Navel, Wayward Son, Ground Mount, Wild Hog, Pawn Star

Blackjack Maniac

Written and posted on the behalf of Pawn Star.

24 Pax gathered for YHC’s VQ this morning. YHC wanted to mix things up a little and get creative but still deliver a good workout. The Pax got to enjoy a few rounds of Blackjack in an attempt to beat the dealer

Weather Conditions: Low 70’s with 100% humidity.


Circle up for COP:

SSH x 15 IC
TTT x 15 IC
LBAC’s x 20 IC

Count off 1’s and 2’s. 1’s are Blue, 2’s are Red. There are 5 stations located around the campus. Team Blue started running to the front of the school, while team started towards the block pile in the back of the school. There are two decks of cards at each station – a red deck and a blue deck. The dealers hand had one card face up and one down. Each team plays Vegas rules blackjack to beat the dealer. Each station contained a sheet with exercises for each suit. The exercise is performed for each card flipped. If you beat the dealer, you move onto the next station. If you lose to the dealer, you must also do exercises for each card the dealer shows. This is a group race. You cannot move to the next station until all pax complete all exercises. Exercises for each station are below:

Station 1 (front of school in parking lot)
Diamonds – Merkins
Clubs – Burpees
Spades – Squats
Hearts – Sprints (cones are lit for sprint distance)

Station 2 (Tomcat Stairs)
Diamonds – Plankjacks
Clubs – Mountain Climbers
Spades – Stairs
Hearts – BBSU

Station 3 (On Track)
Diamonds – Merkins
Clubs – V-Ups
Spades – Sprints
Hearts – Monkey Humpers

Station 4 (on Tennis Court)
Diamonds – Bobby Hurley’s
Clubs – Burpees
Spades – Suicides
Hearts – Jump Squats

Station 5 (Block pile)
Diamonds – Block Curls
Clubs – Curl and OHP
Spades – Block Squats
Hearts – Block Merkins

As far as the winner, it was Team Red who was victorious. As Fuzzy Navel said, Red TRUMPS Blue like in the election.

With some time to spare, circle up for Mary. All pax plank while first pax does 5 merkins. When done, the next pax goes. Go around the circle until all pax complete 5 merkins. Next is dealers choice. First up was Bouche who called 6 inches. Hold for 45 seconds. Next up was Meatball. Flutterkicks x 25 IC. Next was Kenwood. He did not call it but the pax were treated with an ISS sighting. Kenwood called ABC’s.


– 9/19, Thirsty Thursday 8pm Krafty Draft
– 9/21, Reaper 4 year anniversary
– 9/22, Smokehouse event

Prayer Requests:
– Hurricane Florence victims
– Irrev’s Mother-in-Law
– Drago going on Mission Trip 9/28 needs bags/luggage