• When: 2021-07-29
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: DARPA, Duraflame, Sunday Drive, Simon Says, Booster

Better Late than never right?

Welp, when you are suppose to Q at Turning Point with a start time at 5am, and you roll over and look at the clock and it is 5:03am, it is not a good feeling. But when you commit to Q, there is no rolling back over and apologizing to the group in the DM about fartsacking, so you scramble to get dressed, pop in a piece of gum instead of brushing your teeth, and high tail it to the AO. When YHC arrived at approx. 5:12am, no PAX were around, but with a few cars in the parking lot, the PAX were on campus somewhere. I found 4 of them a few min later down by the track cranking out burpees. Apparently they were going to do burpees until the Q showed up. That may or may not have happened.

Conditions- 75 and sticky

The THANG starting at 5:12am-

Mosey up the stairs toward BB court for wall sits. Wall sit for 30 seconds, 10 hand release merkins, wall sit for 30 seconds, 10 hand release merkins, wall sit for 30 seconds, 10 hand release merkins. Mosey to bottom of stairs for tripe nickels. Run up stairs, 5 hand release merkins, run down stairs, 5 squats. Rinse and repeat 5 times.

Mosey back toward blocks for 10 block burpees. Put blocks away.

Mosey to top parking lot and plan on curb. 40 mt. climbers, 10 merkins, 20 plank jacks, 10 merkins, 20 rock hops, 10 merkins.

Mosey to shovel flag for 8 min of mary.


TP Homecoming on 8/17 and 8/19. Preblast coming out soon.

Stomp the Swamp 8/21

Prayer requests- couple from Columbia struck by lightning while in FL, Quis and Jennings and the family

Devo- Philippians 4:12-13


12 I know how to make do with little, and I know how to make do with a lot. In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being content—whether well fed or hungry, whether in abundance or in need. 13 I am able to do all things through him[a] who strengthens me.

Everyone knows verse 13, but we don’t always use it in the same context that Paul uses it here in Philippians, including verse 12. Does Christ give you contentment in your life, or are always searching for something to fill the void? 

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