• When: 06/18/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Banana Boat, Lube, Crophopper, Saw Dust, Slum Lord, Cheesesteak, Wheezy, Turn Buckle, Scooper, Muggy Tape, Gravedigger, Scotch, TBoone, Peachy

Beast Pole visits the Hollow

YHC made a promise to himself to Q at every AO in Lex, and this morning makes it official all completed. I have enjoyed traveling to all of the AOs meeting all the different Pax, every group is different but special in their own way. I highly encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and go check them all out. To celebrate YHC busted out his ole USA tank top and the beast pole. Fun was had by all and lots of sweat and work was done, great work men.

conditions: ridiculously hot

The thang: disclaimer/prayer mosey to soccer field

COP- ssh x20

TTT x20

IW x20

Merkins x20

count off and wait count off again YHC screwed that up Math is hard. Let the fun begin- breakup into 5 groups of 3. The only rule is the pole doesn’t get set down until we get back and always keep it moving. group 1 carries pole to wall while Pax do balls to the wall. Group 2 carries to the tennis courts while pax do raccoon crawls. Group 3 carries while Pax do backwards merkins up the stairs. Group 4 carries while pax run stairs with a 5 burpee ladder. Group 5 carries while pax do crab walks. Group 1 carries while Pax bearcrawl swerve the pillars. Group 2 carries to the wall while the Pax do wallsits and pass the pole down. Get to the end carry back to the truck.

Back to the field full field suicide


one leg burpee x10

one arm burpee x10

RT x30

FK and 6 in x30

LBCs x20

back on the line one more suicide to complete it

Great work today, I got some funny looks rolling up in the Hollow with an American Flag Tanktop and big ass Pole, so hopefully you will have me back. I promise I will leave my toys behind!


Football in the Hollow Sat

5ks- stomp the swamp and sweet baby O




Muggy tapes 2.0

Not mentioned but Charleston families and loved ones (everybody must have gotten in bed early last night, we totally missed that one)

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