• When: 06/18/2015
  • QIC: Socrates
  • The PAX: False Start, Alter Boy, Double Fault, Ramblin Wreck, Initech, Inuit, Tuff Guy, Colombo, and Socrates

The Herd Meets The Grinder

CONDITIONS:  Darkish with increasing lightishness, clear, 80 degrees; 635% humidity (its South Carolina, people!)

9 members of The Herd gathered in the Jumanji Jungle to get better.  Having seen some mentions of this workout called The Grinder on Twitter, I figured we would give it a try this warm, humid June morning.  Of course, what caught my attention about this particular workout was the name. Grinder, I mean anything named after a Judas Priest song can be nothing less than EPIC!!

So, listen along to the Priest as you read.

Mosey along the path for COP:

  • 25 SSH (IC)
  • 25 LBCs (IC)
  • 25 Squats (IC)
  • 20 Arm Circles – 10 forward 10 backwards (IC)
  • 15 Merkins (IC)
  • 20 TTT (IC)
  • 20 Windmills (IC)


Break into groups of 3, each group grab 1 cinder block and mosey to baseball outfield (noting that the field was lite up for my Q – and some guy mumbling something about building it and somebody will come…yada, yada).  YHC explains the logistics:


P1 will start with the cinder block at right field foul post . P2 will start at Point B (left field foul post). P3 will start beside P1. When P1 starts the exercise, P3 will sprint to P2 and take over his exercise. P2 then sprints to P1 and takes over his exercise. P2 sprints to P3…..

Each team of three will perform the following exercises, only keeping count of exercise that uses cinder block:

200 Overhead Press with Cinder Block – Point B will to Squats (plank when done and wait for the 6)

200 Curls with cinder block –  Point B will do Merkins (plank when done and wait for the 6)

200 Squats with cinder block – Point B will do Flutter Kicks (plank when done and wait for the 6)

300 Chest Press with cinder block – Point B will do Carolina Dry Docks (plank when done and wait for the 6)

(sadly, we ran out of time before we could get to this last step) 50 Burpees with cinder block – Point B will do Smurf Jacks (plank when done and wait for the 6)

Mosey back to main parking lot and finish out with WALKER STRONG.


Always enjoy visiting this AO, thanks for having me. The Herd took what I threw them and crushed it like Quint!



  • Walker and family, here is latest info: http://www.caringbridge.org/isit/walkerphillips/journal/view/id/55804e238b5cd3226fd280be
  • Victims and families of those involved with the shootings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston
  • Brother Si and his church family
  • Double Fault’s mom


  • First Friday Fathers is happening and will be held every first Friday of the month during the Summer. – PreBlast http://f3nation.com/2015/05/30/first-friday-fathers-is-back/
  • Lexington 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon in November 2015
  • Color Me Rad run coming up – See Floppy Disk for details/discount
  • F3 Dads camp coming up in August
  • The Crucible, June 27th – View Preblast, volunteers needed as well
  • GRC and GRL, July 10th and 11th (aka “back-pack thingees”)
  • Sweet Baby O 5K, August 1. Registration is now open
  • Stomp The Swamp 5k @ River Bluff High School on August 29th. There will be a special “Double Down” medal to anyone completing a F3 Workout and the 5k. A code to enter when you sign up online and other details coming soon
  • Blue Ridge Relay, September 11-12

Closing prayer by Alter Boy (who was with a heavy heart, prayers to you, pal).

DEVO: Be strong in your faith.

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