• When: March 17, 2015
  • QIC: Dunphy
  • The PAX: Misty, Homer, Scotch, Bing, Elmers, Notebook, Scooper, Peachy, Gravedigger, Sawdust, Muggy tape, Fat Tire, Shot Gun, Recall, Watson, Weazy, Field Goal, FNG Dorie (Richard Gietz), GED (Respect), Hotspot, Buzzsaw, Lego, Optimus, Hash & Rice, Knozit, Half Empty, Mayhem, Dunphy

Back to Shawshank Beach – Sugar Cookies & Shart Attack

28  Pax
58 cool and nice
New Guys

“Can we screen the Q schedule and block Dunphy out??!!”

“I can’t tell time.”

“Dunphy, did your parents not let you play in the sandbox??!”

“Someone may get hurt if we go to the sandbox.”

“I thought I was running straight.”

“that turtle head is popping out Lego”

10 PAX for Stridelite for 3.2 mile & 4 mile loop.

28 PAX showed up despite the warnings on Twitter that YHC was on Q and that SAND was on the menu for breakfast.  The COP was big this morning.  YHC had to take the Imperial Walker off the playlist because possibility of flashback of Notebooks VQ performance.  YHC substituted the Hillbilly which apperently is a PAX favorite.  Finished COP and moseyed to the sand volleyball courts with the PAX following reluctantly.  Knozit requested sugar cookie so took care of that order first with Merkin Rolls from service line to the other end and run back.  If done properly fast, the effect was like the party game favorite of spinning your head on a baseball bat and trying to run in a straight line.  It did provide the desired result of the stumbling PAX attempting to run through the sand.  Next up was the Berp & Merk with a Low Squat Block Jump.  Half the pax got the instructions and half didn’t.  The tough part was keeping the count.  YHC note to self for next time to use it for a smaller group.

Sandbox time was up and the PAX were glad.  They were worried I was going to call out the TUNNEL of LOVE with 28 PAX.  That would have been an epic sight.  Moseyed to the fence for some Peoples Chair.  Not a lot of chatter just a lot of GAS and a possible SHART attack. YHC decided to mosey before an “ACCIDENT” happened.  We then proceeded with an INDIAN RUN to the hill to learn how to tell time with CLOCK MERKINS and CLOCK SQUATS. A challenge for the younger PAX who can’t tell time.  Ended  the workout with some MOMMAS (marys) and a final Q Call MERKIN.  YHC laid out a MERKIN heavy workout since many of the PAX were doing the P200 and already running a lot.  SUPER JOB Men!  This maybe my last Q if I get banned from the schedule.

FNG – Richard Gietz – GEDs son, Clemson Student, going to Army  be combat engineer, Diving School – Guppy > Nemo >  and end result DORIE (the Ellen Degeneres blue fish in Finding Nemo – for the Disney illiterate.)

  • Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC
  • Through the Tunnel X 20 IC
  • HillBillies – x 20 IC
  • Windmill X 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers X 20 IC
The THAAANG – Sanbox Time
  • All line up on service line, MERKIN ROLL to the other side.
  • All line up on service line, Start w/ 1X Burp & Merks.( Begin a traditional burpee with a single push up at the bottom, then complete. Drop back down for a second burpee with two push ups, then complete.)
  • Sprint to net, X 10 Squat Jump Blocks
  • Back to Service Line for 2X Burp & Merks, then to net for X 9 Squat Jump Blocks.
  • Continue until 10X Burp & Merks & 1X Squat Jump Block
Chainlink Fence
  • Peoples Chair – Arms UP, Leg Up, Alt.
Indian Run to Hill
Clock Merkins
  • Find a hill and line up in plank position at 12 o’clock. 5 Merkins. Move to 3 o’clock, 5 Merkins. Move to 6, 9, or whatever Q calls out and do 5 Merkins in each position.
Clock Jump Squats
  • Starting position, squat w/hands on ground, Q calls out time 12,3,6,9 o’clock. Pax squat jumps to proper time face.
MOMMAS (Marys)
  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • Windshield Wipers X 20 IC
  • Boat/Canoe
  • LBCs X 20 IC
  • Merkins Q call down, middle, up. Count on UP.
Announcements & Prayers:
  • P200 prayers for guys participating.
  • Bearded Lady injured knee and his busy season.
  • Mayhem’s Grandmother in law 101st Birthday.
  • Praise & Prayer for Dunphy’s mom recovery.
  • Meltdown VQ at ANCHOR
  • Finley Park AO for Oliver Gospel Mission. Launch March 28 8:30am
  • April 11: Ultimate Challenge Mud Run.
  • April 12: Charlotte Spartan Sprint
  • April 18: Quarry Crusher Run/Ruck
  • May 1: GORUCK Custom Light.
  • July 10: GORUCK Columbia Challenge

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