• When: 2020-01-08
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Urkle, Doodle, Wilson, Babe, Belding, Stay Puff, Hollywood, Happy Trees

AOQ Recon Squad 8

A couple members of RS8 team met in the gloom pre go-time and discussed highly strategized plans to recon possible strategic waypoints for the take down of an unnamed high ranking Polish area of operations Q.

The remaining team assembled and waited for asset 1 command central to arrive with the flag.

Watches synchronized and maps marked in case of unit separation during the outing.

The target was not seen during this mission, all was quiet and dark within the compound, good intel stated the mark was most likely “fartsacking” due to the appearance of several vehicles in the surrounding area.

Conditions: dark, cool

Disclaimer to the men, announcements and prayer requested stated first in case anyone didn’t make it back to the flag.

Prayer before mission.

Legs locked and ready:

-Right out of base, left on 245, straight through two intersections, left on Terrace Way, left on Pond Branch, Right on 1, Left on Hollywood Blvd, Left on 23, Right on main, reconvene at base.

Solid work RS8.

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