• When: 2020-01-09
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Fergie (R), Sauer Kraut, Emmy, Katniss (R), Finch (NR), Hoboken, Ebert, AWOL, Farmer, Deadstick (R)

Rope-A-Dope @SnakePit

  • Conditions: A cool 35 degrees, but the PAX kept warm by moving about

The Thang:
No FNG’s

Warmup – YHC had done this routine before, but never in the cold so decided to do a few warm up exercises.

  • Through the Tunnel (15 IC)
  • Windmill (15 IC)
  • Side Straddle Hop (15 IC)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles (15 Fwd, 15 Rev. Keep arms up)
  • Overhead Clap – (15 IC Keep arms up)
  • 8 Count Turn & Bounce – (15 IC) Drop arms
  • Imperial Walker – (15 IC)
  • Flutterkicks – (15 IC)
  • American Hammer – (15 IC)

Circuit: YHC had a six station circuit set up. We made it through the start of the fourth round, so I should have shortened the timer station some. They are as follows:

Station 1: “Timer Station” Farmers carry two blocks to the far cone. With each rotation, YHC added 10 paces (+/-) to the distance, (a little too much!).

Station 2: The Rope-A-Dope

  1. Battle Ropes, up and down, alternating arms
  2. Up and down, arms together
  3. Back and forth, alternating arms on top and bottom
  4. Circle, jump to side with each toss of the ropes
  5. Burpee, complete a burpee before throwing the rope up
  6. Twist, twist at hip to each side, hands together
  7. Figure 8 pattern

Station 3: The Magnificent Seven Merkins

  1. Carolina Dry Dock
  2. Wide Merkins
  3. Regular Merkins
  4. Ranger Merkins
  5. Diamond Merkins
  6. Crucible Merkins
  7. Chuck Norris Merkins

Station 4: Ab Station

  1. LBC’s
  2. Big Boy Sit-ups
  3. American Hammer
  4. Sweat Angels
  5. Reverse Crunch
  6. Not So Lazy Boy
  7. Inverted Superman

Station 5: The Leg Station

  1. Squats
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Step-Ups
  4. Lunges
  5. Monkey Humpers
  6. Calf Raises
  7. Ballerina Toe Squats

Station 6: Burpee Station

  1. Burpees
  2. More Burpees
  3. More Burpees
  4. More Burpees
  5. More Burpees
  6. More Burpees
  7. More Burpees


  • Feb 1st, MGC Longrun.
  • Feb 8th, Adopt A Highway trash pickup. Check with Brainaic. Could do any other weekend. Finch will dispose of bags if needed.
  • Feb 15th, Dam to Dam Run. Looking for volunteers.
  • Feb 20th, POTUS presenting at Lexington Rotary, contact Dirty-Bird or Chum.


  • Katniss’ mother.
  • Brainiac, grandmother passed away & will be travelling.
  • Deadstick’s former boss. Triple bypass recovery going well.
  • All sick PAXS


Pledge of Allegience

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