• When: 2019-02-07
  • QIC: Escobar
  • The PAX: Lumbergh, PopOff, Meter, Brita, Niles, Shine, Po, Blade, Squatter, Pennyworth, Juice, MacGruber, Tutu, Paper Jam, and Escobar

Ambush has Burpees for Breakfast

15 PAX joined YHC at Ambush today…YHC always enjoys Q’ing at Ambush.  These guys can bring the chatter for sure.  WeeWee told me Ambush PAX wanted a lot of #GetBetterment so YHC dialed up a previous Q that the Surge boys really enjoyed.  In hopes to push the PAX this morning, YHC tried to mix in a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Well, really just a bunch of burpees.  There was some chatter before this Q about the potential for burpees so hope YHC didn’t disappoint.  Pennyworth says that the Q sheet is not open until 2025 which is when I can return.

One minute warning, FNGs, disclaimer and prayer.  With that we were off to put in work.


2 minute SSHs – actually 62 IC

20 OYO squats

20 OYO squat thrusters

20 OYO squat thrusters with push ups

10 OYO burpees

1 minute rest (jog in place)

10 OYO burpees

1 minute rest (jog in place)

10 OYO burpees

Burpee Cardio Ladder:
Do 1 burpee. Run cone shuttle…
Do 2 burpees. Run cone shuttle…
Do 3 burpees. Run cone shuttle…
Do 4 burpees….continue until 10 burpees and cone shuttle.

Plank waiting for the six to finish.  Recover and then mosey around parking lot.

Now when you work up the ladder you have to work your way back down from 10 to 1 burpee.  So that’s what we did next.


COT, BOM and Prayers

Prayer Request:

Brita – friend Megan – cancer

Juice – FIL

Tutu – lady/family lost home Christmas Day – she is moving into new home, looking for dryer, support — prayers for the landlord too.

MacGruber – boss husband – back surgery & intestinal issues


Dam to Dam

Lumbergh P200 team looking for runner

Northside Baptist Sportsman Banquet – February 21st

RotaryFest – March 30th

Lexington Race for Hunger – March 16th

F3 Lexington Convergence – March 2nd

New PAX keep showing up and pushing themselves


  • Good to have Tutu back in the gloom with the crew – Ambush PAX need to keep on Tutu
  • Lots of #getbetterment this morning and the mumble chatter was alive and well too – PAX keep pushing yourselves to get better and push through difficulty – I always remember “pain is weakness leaving the body”
  • Always good to new guys make it back out for the second and third workouts – keep up the momentum