• When: 2019-02-07
  • QIC: Cramps
  • The PAX: TaxSlayer, Hoist, UpCharge, Rec, Flipper, Lt. Dan, Wee Wee, Zacchaeus, Abner, Mulligan, Drysdale, Pole Dance, Butt Dial, 2 Star, Rosie, B&E, Big Al, Brick, Cyclone, All 9s, Wild Hawg, Cramps

Squad Up @F3Surge

F3Surge continues to surge their way to the top of the Big Board. Today 22 PAX defied the fartsack and held themselves accountable. Sorry I did not get an offical count for SL this morning.

Conditions: 55 deg

FNGs = 0

Disclaimer = check

Prayer = check

Mosey to side parking lot for COP:
SSH x 15 IC
TTT x 15 IC
IW x 15 IC

Block Pile and make a big circle.

All PAX start doing block merkins. PAX to the left of me would go to the block pile and perform 10 block curls and return. This would continue until the entire circle has made a trip to the block pile. After two PAX traveled to the block pile and back YHC would change the exercise.

1st cycle (Block curls at block pile); Block merkins, mountain climbers, big boys, jump over blocks, burt reynolds left, burt reynolds right, alt foot taps, american hammers with blocks.

2nd cycle (OH block press); Thrusters, Supine Block Press, Flutter kicks with block over head, overhead triceps extension, block swings


*Wee Wee interjected at this point and wished to have “2 minutes” at the end to rearrange the block pile*

Carry Blocks to courtyard behind the playground.

4 glow sticks were placed at four corners. Initiate Cornerstrike
1st glow stick perform 10 thrusters then run to cone straight ahead then diagonal to opposite cone, then back to cone down the line, and then finally finishing at initial cone.

Block Carry to next cone;
2nd cone: Perform 10 thrusters then run the same pattern.
Block Carry to next cone;
3rd Cone: Perform 20 incline block merkins then run the same pattern.
Block Carry to next;
4th Cone: Performed 20 decline block merkins then run final pattern.

Right hand up, center, left hand up, center, Right Arm / Left Leg up, center, Left arm / right leg up, recover.

Mosey to block pile.

We spent final minutes of BC to rearrange the block pile so that kids could not use the sand bags, blocks, and logs to get over the fence.
Attempted to perform an ab exercise but went downhill quickly.


count off

name off

-DAM 2 DAM next weekend
-P200 in March
-Saturday at Shank
-Saturday or Sunday Surge may do a Group Run

Prayer Requests
-Wee Wee M
-Unspoken Prayers

Proverbs 15:18
18 A hot-tempered person stirs up conflict, but the one who is patient calms a quarrel.

My wife and I tend to argue before getting ready to leave the house. For instance, we got in to an argument before church the other day. It all started because we were not leaving on time. So on the Ride to church I am “annoyed” because we are running late. She’s mad because of how ridiculous I am being. Later that day I eventually apologize for how I was acting. I realize that I was being hot-tempered over something so small. I learned that day Instead of being hot-tempered I need to be patient. Now is that easy to do? Absolutely not. Work on your tempers fellas and be the patient M you need to be for your family!