• When: 2018-04-17
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Rance Snipes (37, FNG - Lumbergh), Britta, Pow Pow, Pop Off, Juice, Pennyworth, Squatter, Paper Jam, No Help

Almost there and then I got lost…

So to start things off, when going to a new AO that you’ve never been to before…maybe scout it out, verify where they start.  It’ll help out so you don’t get lost in the pick up/drop off maze of a school and then another school.  All of this while the pax look at you from the actual starting point, more than likely laughing (I know I would be).

Eventually I found it, although it was a few minutes late.  Also, it didn’t help that the alarm that was set didn’t go off and it was the back up alarm that went off and gave me 15 minutes to get up and get to the AO.  FYI, the AO is a 15 minute drive from the house.

Also, in the hurry to get out of the house, just grabbed the first shirt I could.  It was a short sleeve shirt, that coupled with just shorts meant for a cold workout.

Weather: 34°

The Thang:

The pax were working on a slaughter starter while waiting for me to get unlost.

Arrive, intro and disclaimer.

Mosey around the parking lot (realize it is really cold) and then COP

SSH x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
TTT x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC forward
LBAC x 10 IC backward
OH Claps x 10 IC
LBAC x 10 IC backward
LBAC x 50 IC forward (doing these IC equals 200 total circles, thank Juice)

Line up at the beginning of the parking lot row

Run to the opposite end, merkin x 1.  Run backwards back to the other end, squat x 1.  Rinse and repeat, add one rep each time and go up to 10 reps.

Circle up for extended Mary

Plank x 20 sec, roll over (things got a little hairy, or well gassy after this)
BBSU x 10 IC
Plank x 20 sec, roll over
Flutter Kicks x 10 IC
Plank x 20 sec, roll over
LBC’s x 10 IC
Plank x 20 sec, roll all the way over
Start from the low-low plank, merkin plank x 10 (push-up, hold plank for 5 seconds, go down)
Plank x 20 sec, roll over
Hello Dollies x 10 IC
Plank x 20 sec, roll over
Heel touches x 10 IC
Plank x 20 sec, roll over

Mosey back to the “flag”


Ambush pax in need of help moving tomorrow (believe it was Pow Pow)

2nd Annual 3rd F 5K 5/5/18

Gauntlet 2018 this week and next week

Prayer Request

Continued prayers for Moist’s sister

Continued prayers for Dear Diary