• When: 2019-09-26
  • QIC: AB
  • The PAX: Cream Cheese, Blue Rhino, Prom Date, Bar Crawl, Danica, Rename, Adluh, Overexposed, Rumble Strip, Tardy, Broadhead, Boo Boo

AB goes to Detention

It’s been far too long since YHC had been to visit the Detainees, but an early start at work this AM gave him the perfect opportunity to go see his ol’ pals as well as meet some new pax at Detention.

BOM led by YHC

The Thang

Mosey to basketball court

Windmills x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Squats x 10
Thru the tunnel x 10
LBACs (F) x 10
Overhead Arm Claps x 10
Raise the Roof x 10
LBACs (R) x 10
Michael Phelps x 10
‘Mercans x 10
Reverse crunches x 10
Flutter kicks x 10

Collect blocks and bricks

Runner Is The Timer Workout

Runner completes one lap while all other pax complete their station’s exercise AMRAP. Group rotates when runner returns.

Ball slams
Triceps extensions
Stationary lunges
Bent over rows
Bicycle crunches

Put up blocks & bricks

Mosey back to basketball court

Hello Dolly x 10
2 Turkish get-ups (OYO)
Flutter kicks x 10
2 Turkish get-ups (OYO)
Russian Twist x 10
2 Turkish get-ups (OYO)
Boat / canoe
2 Turkish get-ups (OYO)

Mosey back to #ShovelFlag


BOM led by AB

Steady and high-spirited #mumblechatter from the pax this morning, which is always a pleasure. Solid effort (minus a few ball slams) and patience with the Q in his failure to efficiently and effectively communicate the logistics of the workout. English is often YHC’s second language before 0700. Thank you for the hospitality!

Detention P200 Team filling up. 10 HCs with 2 spots left.

Q-School at St John’s Episcopal Church in F3-Columbia on Saturday, 9/28 at 0800.

Prayer Requests:
Mrs. Templeton: Husband passed away

Caravan’s father-in-law

QSource on #DRP