• When: 2020-07-25
  • QIC: Twerk and Dominion
  • The PAX: Brick, Rec, Bogey, 2 Star, FNG - Postal, Blue Bloods, Chopper, Coon Dog, Cyclops. Headgear, Soaker, Twerk, Keneoood (R), Ped, Cheers, Rug Burn (R), Rehab (R), Richter, Wee Wee, Escobar, Breakfast Club, Hemingway, Buzzsaw (R), Dominion

A Saturday Flood

The Flood on a Saturday

We haven’t had the Saturday Convergence at Surge in a while (maybe ever)? But today we converged with the West Side AOs as Cryptonite brought their road show to Surge.

6 showed up for SL.

74 Degrees and Muggy

Twerk kicks it off with COP, Not a Pro, one FNG

The Thang:

Mosey to the sign at the entrance to the school. See link to map for more details:

At every red box the exercises rotated between hand release merkins/LBC’s and squats/BBSU’s.

We ran from red box to red box and performed a burpee at each light pole we passed (highlighted with a yellow circle).

Once we completed the loop through the parking lot we bear crawled around the traffic circle (orange line) and then ran back to the sign to start lap 2.

We started with 11 of each exercise and increased by 1 each lap. (12, 13, etc.)

The burpee count at each light pole increased by 1 each lap as well.


Cryptonite tour 8/1 – Murph but looking for a location. (Maybe Surge)

8/8- Knozit 2 Hour Workout

Escobar on the Q sheet soon at Cryptonite also

Prayer Requests and Praises:
Praise for the folks who were screaming and beeping that passed us with the boat

Citadel grad, law enforcement. Has moved a ton over the past few years – passport was the quick answer. Welcome Passport!

The Burpees today were thanks to Eee Wee and Escobar.

Wee Wee and Twerk we’re leading the pack today. Think they both started Lap 5.

Escobar and Twerk ran 7 miles before, and were going to do about 6 after Boot camp.

It was good to have the Saturday Crowd at Surge. Hope we can do it again soon.

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